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Stacy Deanne's "You're The One!"

“You’re The One (BWWM Romance)” by Stacy Deanne! #99cents!

When Dane returns to Sunset, Texas to visit his terminally ill mother, he finally faces his biggest fear: telling his stepsister, ReShonda, that he’s always loved her. 82 more words


Clear-That Fear (403)

To know you are the one-
To get this job done.


Part 4

almost at once.

She gave me a minute to catch my breath while she kissed me, all the while pushing aside my well-meaning attempts to return the favor. 472 more words

You're The One

Part 3

walking around to my side. I got out, shut the door and she pressed me against the truck, seeming to make contact with every inch of my body. 475 more words

You're The One

Part 2

But from that first moment, she did love me and I came to believe it.

That night, though, I did not believe her but still I felt – that first step on a journey of a thousand miles – the urge to reach out a hand to steady her. 452 more words

You're The One

Part 1

A woman’s voice on my answering machine: “Hi, you don’t know me…”

I listen, despite near certainty that in her next breath she will tell me why – strangers though we are – I should switch to her cable TV provider. 468 more words

You're The One