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Charli XCX's Famous, Don't You Know

So Charli XCX hasn’t featured much on our radar at PoC HQ. Apart from her duet with ‘singer’ Rita Ora, we’ve had very little to say about the popstar. 376 more words

Poppers O'Clock

Because I prefer THIS much hotter tub...

“So I don’t get to shave you?” I whined, as we climbed out of the tub.

“Good. No, you absolutely can not shave me.” He dabbed some aftershave on my mons. 38 more words

English songs from Non-English Countries part 1

Coming from, well technically, a non-English country myself, I am surprised we have a lot of original songs written in English. And they are pretty good, too bad too many mass media mojo overshadowed our songs. 145 more words

Light Thoughts

YOU’RE THE ONE By Blanktape Featuring Garth Garcia (Lyrics)


By Blanktape Featuring Garth Garcia

Ito ay dati kong tula na ginawa kong song

Para sa iyo mahal, you really turn me on… 253 more words

Garth Garcia Updates

Paul Simon's You're the One (2000)

Album: You’re the One
Artist: Paul Simon
Year: 2000
Reason Featured: #8 Album for Rolling Stone’s Top Ten Albums of 2000, nominated for an Album of the Year Grammy… 403 more words


SWV - You're The One (Kozee Remix)

Here at Resonate sounds we are big fans of RnG. For those who do not know, RnG is a hybrid of Rhythm and Grime. Grimey RnB riddims. 83 more words

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There's no one like you

What would this world be like if we were all the same? Same skin color, same beliefs, same lifestyles, same faces, same voices?

We want to remind you in times of self-doubt that there is absolutely no one like you! 48 more words

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