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I'm Yours Forever

I’ll wait for you, always.

I’d rather suffer a thousand deaths

Than be without your touch.

I’d rather forfeit my own life

Than lose you. 151 more words


To the one I lost.

To the one that I lost,

Tonight I watched a meteor shower with a boy. He was a very nice boy- more than nice, he was charming and funny and kind, and we ran barefoot under the stars to dance to our favourite song at the party, and he lent me his blue velvet jacket and pulled me up onto the wall to sit with him. 287 more words

Dusk of the Night #7

“Letting people screw you over again and again is not their fault, It’s yours. Martyrdom is a choice.”

Dusk of the night #3

“When the choice is between their benefit or yours. please do choose yourself for a change.”