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May I hide in your words
until I can sort mine
I will sing your lyrics
until I find my own song



when we notice a trait in somebody, it is safe to assume that the trait is our own, as we couldn’t have noticed the trait if we didn’t have it ourselves on some level


Don’t believe everything you hear. There are always three sides to a story, yours, theirs and the truth …


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19 Months - Building on “Me “My” or “Mine”

We recently had a blog post about first toddler phrases. Another common toddler phrase includes the word “me, “my” or “mine”. Toddlers are of course very egocentric and their whole world is centered around themselves! 219 more words

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Esperimento numero uno: provare a scrivere la mattina.

Per chi non avesse letto articoli precedenti alla mia pagina, ce n’é uno in cui racconto di una scena in particolare tratto da un film in cui la pietanza servita ad un tavolo è talmente buona che il cliente riordina tutto da capo partendo dal dolce fino ad arrivare al primo. 512 more words

निखर जाते...।

हम तो टूट चुके थे इस हालत में किधर जाते,
मेरे ही अरमानों के टुकड़े पड़े थे जिधर जाते।

तूने अपना बना कर क्यूँ ऐसी गैरत की यारा,


device Marketing Success Can impersonate Yours shadow These rise Tips

If you need a another way to promote your business online, article marketing could put on relevant the mark. Good articles cede draw new customers more readily than obvious sales appeals. 713 more words

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