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Reality Check, Kiddo

He’s not yours. It’s just your turn.

Man, fuck that.


Open Letter

To your siblings;

You’ve been a gross disappointment, as have your spouses. Foolishly, I had such high hopes that we would be this big happy family. 197 more words


I'll be yours !

When you’re sad,
I’ll be the tickle that makes u laugh.

When you’re happy,
I’ll be the music that you sing.

When you’re asleep,
I’ll be the blanket that warms you. 278 more words

You said I am young and I am yours
I am free but I am flawed
I am here in your heart
I was here from the start.

7 more words

Heart of A Toy

Your heart was just a ruse
My pain was all a game to you
Yet you declared me yours
And that’s all I wanted to be to you… 296 more words


He Was Never Yours

Why do we let go of someone who was never ours in the first place?

No. I’ve never been in love. No. I’ve never been in a relationship. 416 more words