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Day Dreamer

Dear you,

Tomorrow will be the start of my new adventure. How do I feel? On the outside I’m calmer than still water, but on the inside I’m full of panic, stress, anxiety, and anything and everything else. 531 more words

Mist and veil  

Through the mist of my memories,

I see you looking towards me.

From the veil of time passed,

I glance another time at the smile we share. 36 more words


Every day

I can’t promise you forever

No love lasts that long.

But I’ll still be yours tomorrow

And I’ll be singing the same song.

Yours truly,

An Addict


#Trilogy Yours - 2

Daan MARC – ALANA is baaaacccckk *shake pompom*, ada yang masih inget cerita ini? cerita yang part pertama udah dipost sejak bulan november tahun lalu tapi tiba-tiba terlupakan karena saking asiknya sama Lost dan insiden kekhilafan aku kesambet Harreh :D kalo lupa silakan baca-baca lagi part pertamanya, itu udah ada… 2,565 more words


When "Ours" Becomes "Mine"

I watched Parks and Rec with my little sister last night. It was the first time I’ve watched it since our last night we spent together – ever, as it turns out. 1,099 more words

Book Review: Touched by a Vampire

Book – Touched by a Vampire (Eternally Yours #1)
Author – Sophie Slade
Star rating – ★★★★★
Plot – nicely paced and different
Characters – your typical Alpha male and his love… 721 more words


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Linger.”

your lips —

have traveled

this way before,

and mapped my skin,

inch by inch.

your breath…

10 more words