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Path of Love (A Shadorma)

​​The path that

stretches between us

is made of

fallen stars;

Most doors broken open and

Some still silent scars

Note: Originally posted on September 03, 2016



​I’m the day

With eyes the colour of night

That seek the glimmer of the ocean

My midnight tresses

Narrate stories in waves

Stories of love, passion, hopes, and dreams… 20 more words


And We Smile

​The earth moves on its axis so slow,

Impatient lovers wait patiently below

The stubborn mountains don’t move an inch

They stand their ground, making us flinch… 26 more words


Home (A Tetractysis*)


arms of

love give me

courage to say:

I protest the definition of home

*Tetractysis a five-line poem of 20 syllables, arranged in the following order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 10. 21 more words