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An Empty House

The countless nights you spent with her ceases to matter,

The little gestures that were once yours, now

Fail to hold any significance.

The ring is left on the table to rust, 82 more words


The State I’m in

You’re on a plane right now, flying through clouds on an iron bird in the sky.

I’ve been checking your flight status over and over since 6am. 96 more words


ever as yours

theme as its own special

and ran

as its own cause

and effect as the glowing hearts

and singing

as the songs

and making

as its own use… 45 more words


Yours Christmas Wishlist| Blogmas

Have I mentioned my obsession with Yours?

It’s my favourite store, and I own so much from there! I’m not joking when I say over 80% of my wardrobe is from there! 349 more words



Here I am again, lost in my thoughts of you, wasting away the minutes between us, while you’re drifted away into dreams.

I’m nervous.

You’ll be here soon and I’m nervous. 127 more words