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Review: True Colors

Okay, jadi pertama kali aku denger lagu ini, aku langsung suka sama lagunya. Ya, karena musiknya, liriknya, dan mungkin juga penyanyinya hehe Lagunya nyaman di telinga, dan liriknya juga nyaman di hati *tsah… 472 more words


Last Night 

I was lying on my bed.

It was dark, making me frighten.

So I just closed my eyes.

Then you came and took me somewhere in the past. 49 more words

I Love you, I Live you!

​When I say I love you

It has a whole lot of meanings..
I love the way you make me feel

How I can literally feel the day’s exhaustion evaporate out of me into the horizon… 244 more words



Salamat means Thank You

Heavenly Father God Jesus Christ Holy Spirit,

I am so thankful to you because you’ve caught me. You’ve loved me so much more than I could imagine. 161 more words

Love me Whole

​If you love me with your eyes

Would you be able to see beyond the guise?

If you love me with your ears

You’ll only love when I say what you want to hear… 50 more words


Summer of Smiles

Winter had just begun to thaw

Old footprints had begun to fade

It was the spring of my summer

When your light dawned upon my gate… 78 more words