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True Love

true love unites the loved ones invisibly

true love transforms our life into poetry

true love is not found in the cage of the body


Your Eyes (A Senryu)

Your eyes talk to me

in my poems, don’t blink –

lest my words escape


In Darkness and in Light

There are bound to be days when the sun won’t shine as bright

but I will love you with the same intensity in darkness and in light… 50 more words


The Joy of You

I was alone and lost

Without even knowing it

Till you happened suddenly

like a rainbow;

I didn’t know the purity of a verse

until you became my poetry. 71 more words



see these words
on the page
they belong to you
they’re yours
they are all

Star-studded night

I look up and see the glittering stars

in the dark canvas of the night sky

each star waiting to tell its story

Calling me to join them in their revelry… 55 more words


Yours I am

I have now adjusted my self,
according to you and situations.
Even though you have left,
I feel you near me,in me.
This is enough to know I am only yours, 91 more words