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Desert Rhino Camp

We flew into Desert Rhino Camp in a Cessna, the first small airplane I’ve ever flown in.  There were only nine seats and we flew low over the landscape so we could see the detail below.  1,423 more words


London to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Nairobi, Nairobi to Ethiopia, Ethiopia to Namibia. In total around 16 hours of travel not including layovers.

Namibia is our first destination of our 14-month journey for many reasons. 691 more words

‘Visit Serbia’ campaign

This Friday, our city Cacak, was one of the hosts of this beautiful promo campaign that organised Tourism Organisation of Serbia as the way of motivating people to spend, at least, part of their holiday in some Serbian travel destination. 153 more words


To My Lovely Young Feminists, Don't Apologize For Being Young

To my lovely young feminists, don’t apologize for being young. You are not “just” an intern or however many years old. You are a person. You deserve to take up space. 319 more words


My very first blog post!

Hello everyone! My name is Andrea and I live in a beautiful country called Serbia which is placed in Balkan. Never heard of it or you know very little about it? 719 more words


Why Economic Justice Is Better for Women Than Social Justice

It’s common knowledge for many that the state of living for women in Afghanistan and surrounding countries  is dangerous and highly oppressive. Most blame religion, or view it as a product of the war against the Taliban. 719 more words

Health, Economic And Social Rights

Activism Has No Age Requirement.

So let’s stop pretending it does.

Marches and movements are quickly becoming a weekend norm not only in the United States but throughout the world. Millions of global citizens, often marching for the same reason on the same day, demand change in policy and attitude from their leaders and their neighbors alike. 660 more words