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How and Why Self-directed Learning for Youth labelled "at Risk" is Successful

1. Youth can choose what they learn based on their interests

2. Interest in a topic creates motivation to learn

3. Flexibility in terms of learning activities provides opportunity for learners to make choices… 102 more words

Personal Development, Staff Development, Teamwork

Can you benefit from a workshop on team-building skills without an opportunity for self-development?  Can you bring anything to the team that is greater than yourself? 162 more words

The Steeper the Climb - Individual, Organizational, Community Capacity Building

I just found this quote by Paula Abdul:

“The steeper the mountain, the harder the climb, the better the view from the finish line ;)” 93 more words

Youth "at-risk" have entrepreneurial skills!

I believe many youth who have been labelled “at-risk” often have skills and knowledge that may position them to be successful entrepreneurs. Successful entrepreneurs often have the following attributes or skills: 101 more words


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Empowering people, organizations, and communities. 36 more words

15-09 Story 1: The Late Effects of Childhood Cancer


Synopsis: Doctors can cure cancer in children better than ever, but decades later, many survivors suffer from serious, chronic disease as a result of powerful cancer treatments. 2,178 more words

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Youth In Conflict

Juvenile Delinquency
Stephen, at 16 years old, is a youth in conflict with the law. Chances are he committed his first offence at 10 years old, according to a 2008 World Bank Study of Youths at Risk in Latin America and the Caribbean. 143 more words