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Hey Leader: Had A Heart Check Lately?

My wife Jalie and I bought a new car last month. It was a big day for us to make this purchase together. Once you get a new ride, all you want to do is drive – like, a ridiculous and unnecessary amount of driving! 1,760 more words

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6 Things Every Youth Pastor Needs To Hear

1. You’re Bigger Than Your Youth Ministry

Who you are isn’t defined by the amount of students in your ministry or the DSLR shot of Wednesday night’s altar call. 1,152 more words

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Are You A Biblical Leader?

I learned this some time ago – you can lead and still not be a LEADER.

I believe that to be effective in ministry, we must understand… 726 more words

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No Longer Welcome

Recently the youth pastor of my church and his wife have begun the process of going through  divorce. My youth pastor, though I love him to pieces, has been acting rather unreasonable regarding this situation, and I expressed my concerns. 711 more words

Imitation Coffee and an imitation Christ

It’s no secret.  I love coffee.  Most of my ministry friends love coffee.  It’s in our blood. Some are better coffee drinkers than I am.  “Purists” we call them.   492 more words

Becoming a Youth Pastor's Wife

As some of you may have read in a previous post (here), Kyle and I met as teenagers…so obviously he wasn’t a youth pastor when we began dating. 478 more words


Why I'm Here!?

B‘reishit bara Elohim

In the beginning God created; the first line of the bible. I find this one line so telling of the narrative in which we live our lives. 389 more words