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I am half a stereotype

As I sit here in my bright blue shirt that says “Roar”, cargo shorts, shaved head, and awesome goatee I realize that the stereotype is true. 584 more words

Exploding Enchiladas

Enchiladas Explode!

Before I explain, I need to say something. I am a strong believer that the Bible is the word of God. Though it was written by man, I believe every word was chosen by God. 1,500 more words

5 Important Times to Pray for Your Preacher

One of the great privileges of being a leader in a church is the love and prayer support from its members.  From the vantage point of a church staff member let me share with you some insights of important times to pray for you Pastor and the Pastoral Staff. 399 more words


What have I been up to?

I’ll tell you what. I’ve been investing in the student ministry at Grace Pointe Church, where I serve as the youth pastor. Here’s the current series we’re starting. 36 more words

Youth Pastor

A Youth Leaders Guide to Supporting Teens Struggling with Porn

This post will serve as a quick guide for youth workers who have someone they are working with and mentoring come to them and confess an issue with porn. 730 more words


The Basics of Ministry

So I have been thinking a lot recently about what are the core things I am hoping to achieve as a youth pastor. I have been pondering what ministry looks like- especially for myself as I move forward in seeking a call for ordained ministry. 314 more words

5 Reasons Why Student Ministry Is The World's Most Rewarding Job

A couple of weeks ago Forbes Magazine polled workers from over 400 different careers and asked these workers if they felt that their work provided meaning in their lives and if they felt their job changed the world. 598 more words