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How I Came To Know God Was Calling Me to Ministry

Looking back, I can really see how God was influencing me from a very young age to pursue ministry. However, I didn’t know what that meant at the time or what it would look like. 595 more words

Published: Grace In Relationships - The Youth Minister And The Volunteer

A few days ago I had a post published at Rooted Ministry. This is part of a series about ‘Grace In Relationships’. I focussed on what it means to extend grace as a Youth Pastor to those who are committed volunteer leaders in your church. 112 more words

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11 Things: The Privilege Of Youth Ministry

When finishing up in any youth ministry role, paid or volunteer, I’ve always been struck by the privilege it’s been to have such a position. … 1,568 more words

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Why summer trips are killing your student ministry

Summers in student ministry are CRAZY.

We often find ourselves going 100 miles per hour for weeks on end, planning overnight events, camps, and mission projects, peppered with weekly programming, student hangouts, lock-ins, serve days, and visits to the trampoline park in between. 859 more words

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Are camp highs keeping your students from true growth?

It’s the last night of a long week away at camp. Campers are given an open mic to share what they’ve experienced, how they’ve changed, and the decisions they’ve made. 1,102 more words

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Creating a strategic vision for your student ministry

Far too many student pastors have a shotgun shell approach to ministry. They spread their time, energy, and resources across multiple programs and events, each making only a small impact by themselves. 863 more words

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Your weekly program is the most important thing you do

Student pastors have a lot of irons in the fire. It’s not uncommon for us to be responsible for a weekly program, small groups, Sunday morning activities, trip planning, crisis care, relationships with students and parents, budget work, staff meetings, hospital visits, and much, much more. 949 more words

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