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Influence beyond measure. The art of answering a question.

When you are asked a question you have just been given the opportunity to shape someone’s mind, heart, actions, and beliefs for the rest of their life. 819 more words


Dear youth pastor please don't freak out but...

Dear Youth Pastor please don’t freak out but…
Dear youth pastor please don’t freak out but… one of your Kids is struggling with homosexuality, one of them is cutting, one is addicted to porn, one is starving themselves, and another is struggling with depression they don’t talk to anyone about. 537 more words

I have the BEST story to tell you.

Stories are the best aren’t they? They allow us to feel the depth and spectrum of emotions simply through the power of words. They help us learn, and relate to others and our world. 623 more words


My Friend Hates Me Evangelizing!

The teen question of the day is: What happens when the non-Christian friend I’m pursuing hates when I bring up my faith?

If you’ve made your faith known to a non-Christian friend you’re pursuing but they’re cringing in response, my advice would be to “pull back the reins” on sharing your faith.  225 more words

An Imperfect Youth Pastor

Should I Make Friends with a Non-Christian?

I’m starting a new strand of posts today consisting of real questions from real students.  Today’s, written out verbatim, is: “if my friends don’t always go to church, is it bad/wrong to hang out and be friends with them?” 383 more words

An Imperfect Youth Pastor

Captivating Communication (part 1)

Over the next few posts, I will be sharing on one of my favorite topics ever, communication.

If you’re going to speak — don’t just communicate — captivate! 261 more words

SNOW DAY: 3 ways to be a better youth worker during inclement weather.

Snow happens.

Barring any major tragedy that occurs with bad weather most youth workers see this as God’s little gift for rest and relaxation, and I couldn’t agree more.

272 more words