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3 things I learned about love from my wife.

  1. Love must start between you and Jesus before it can really start between you and others.

I admit. I’m selfish. I didn’t love Jesus enough to truly love other people well for a long time. 444 more words


Leaders are Readers. My January read list with a short summary.

Leaders are Readers. This is what I learned. I’m wondering how I will now lead.

January 2017

  1. The Trauma of Transparency- A biblical approach to Inter-personal Communication.
  2. 281 more words
Youth Pastor

With Damorn! The Youth Pastor...


1. You are a founder of a youth ministry, tell us about it

Starting Dominion Youth Ministry was a calling from God. 362 more words


Syrian family, new youth pastoral couple

by  Janice Harder

BLUMENORT, Man.—Wonderful things have been happening in our church this fall. To begin with, this refugee report from Irma Plett who is working closely with the refugee family: “After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb” ( 299 more words

With Our Churches

6 Ways to Build Credibility, Trust, and Character

I love working in the local church. However, every time I visit a church I have to establish credibility and trust so that I can have some influence. 714 more words


Influence beyond measure. The art of answering a question.

When you are asked a question you have just been given the opportunity to shape someone’s mind, heart, actions, and beliefs for the rest of their life. 819 more words


I have the BEST story to tell you.

Stories are the best aren’t they? They allow us to feel the depth and spectrum of emotions simply through the power of words. They help us learn, and relate to others and our world. 623 more words