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Informal Learning Experiences of Young People During the Scottish Independence Referendum

The following is published in the new edition of the journal ‘Concept’ (Vol. 6 No. 1 Spring 2015) – available here: http://concept.lib.ed.ac.uk/index.php/Concept/article/view/284

Alan Mackie: Doctoral Student, Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh. 1,400 more words

Youth Participation

Youthful Resistance: a free workshop in Leicester

This blog has been a little dormant for the last few months, squeezed by multiple other demands on my time. To the extent that I do New Year’s Resolutions at all, one of the things that I want to try to achieve this year is to get back into the habit of regularly writing for this site. 296 more words

City Of London Anti-Apartheid Group

Youth Studies Misses the Economic Influence

Canadian professor James Côté explained that since the 1980s youth studies focused on working class youth cultures, “increasingly preoccupied with subjectivities,” rather than approaching youth as a whole as a disadvantaged class or proletariat, to use Marxist terminology, disadvantaged economically. 198 more words

Global Problems

Youth Poverty, Transition and the case of Scotland

Shortly after the Scottish National Party (SNP) was elected to lead a minority government in 2007, they endeared themselves to those on the left by re-introducing the terms… 4,390 more words


Pearl Jephcott: The Legacy of a Forgotten Sociological Research Pioneer

Our paper on the legacy of Pearl Jephcott is available online first:


While the lives and works of many sociologists have now been well documented, numerous sociologists at the ‘coal face’ of social research remain ignored. 98 more words

Pearl Jephcott

Youth futures

Will generational conflict likely increase or decrease in the next twenty years?

As discussed in the lecture this week, it appears it could increase (in Western society) as society has to cope with an increasing ageing population.

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Youth Studies

Narrative and performance

How have fictional narratives changed in the past 50 years?

Over the past years there has been an increased mix of genres (hybridity). Also, increasingly intertextuality is appearing (or appears to be more) frequently as more material is out in the public space.

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Youth Studies