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Youth Matters - Newcastle Conference

I agreed to write a blog on the recent ‘Youth Matters’ conference in Newcastle after discussion with one of the organisers. Having attended the fantastic ‘Precarity Tees’ event the previous month, I thought the odds on this conference being as good were pretty long. 2,302 more words


The Covenant of Employability

This post first appeared on Katy McEwan’s excellent blog, ‘Uncertain Futures’ – check it out for writing on youth unemployment and precarity.

One of the major changes to education and employment policy over the past thirty years has been the shift in how employment is framed. 1,286 more words

Youth Unemployment

Considering pro-ana as a sexual and gender youth subculture

I had the very great privilege to co-author a chapter with my supervisor, Professor Mary Jane Kehily, for the collection  Children, Sexuality and Sexualization recently published by Palgrave: 706 more words

Poster Presentation for Conference - An example

I was advised to publish my conference poster on my blog. So here it is. I’m extremely busy at the moment so am unable to dedicate the time to writing a blog on the process of putting together a poster for a conference. 59 more words


Guest Post: Dr. Lisa Whittaker on Young People & Leisure

No work doesn’t mean all play: how relevant is the concept of leisure for young people who are unemployed?

Following a recent talk at the… 1,201 more words


Guest Post: Seán Duffy - "The Dual Society: A Risk Postponed"

Seán Duffy is a PhD candidate at the University of Glasgow. His research focuses on the future of ‘work’ and how it is perceived by young people during times of economic austerity. 1,344 more words


In Defence of Youth Transitions

In the last article I outlined a relatively new conceptual approach to the study of young people – that of youth generation. Proponents of this approach have argued that this way of looking at young people’s issues offers the best way of unpacking processes of change, continuity and particular processes embedding inequalities for young people growing up in contemporary society. 1,563 more words