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If You Teach Shakespeare You will Want to Check out this Book

Today I’m blogging about someone else’s book!  Surprised, huh? Lately, I’ve been considering creating another blog specifically about books focused on theatre and writing reviews about them.  629 more words

Critical Steps in Producing a Play or Musical: Stage Makeup

When I was in seventh grade, I wanted to wear makeup. Of course, that was about 100 years ago, so let’s keep it in perspective….. My mother wasn’t ready for that step in my life quite yet, but I was.  1,033 more words

Notable quote from Bumbling Bea

Ms. Phillips sighed loudly and said, “Since this rehearsal is a bust, I think it would be best if we just played some drama games for the rest of the time.  176 more words

Top Seven Reasons Drama Education is Important to Your Child's Life

This is a re-publish of an article I wrote for Litpick.com.  I hope it’s useful to you.

Willy Wonka, Jr.  Fine Arts Guild of the Rockies August 2012… 1,254 more words

Notable quote from Bumbling Bea

As I took Peter’s place on stage, there was another rustling and gasp from the cast and Ms. Phillips.  Michiko had whisked off the scarf on her head and stood smiling happily.  107 more words

Notable quote from Bumbling Bea


Peter drifted up on the stage near me, scratching his arm so hard welts appeared making faint pink stripes right down to his wrist.  Then I noticed little raised bumps, like drips of honey, creeping toward his neck.  110 more words

Critical Steps in Selecting a Play or Musical: Set Design and Set Construction

The Giver  Fine Arts Guild, 2014

I think a powerful, creative, unique set design is vital to a production.  Depending upon the production budget (there’s that word again-it’s going to come up a lot in these blog posts), the set can be as elaborate as possible or simple. 803 more words