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I'm just human!

As a Woman, I don’t feel represented by the word “Feminism”.

On the Italian blog I hapened to deal with Oscar Wild and somehow ended up writing about ideals. 281 more words

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“ახალგაზრდობა” 2015 წლის ევროპული ფილმია და ორი მეგობრის შესახებ მოგვითხრობს. სასტუმროში დროს ერთად ატარებენ და თანაც განვლილ ცხოვრებაზე, ახალგაზრდობის შეცდომებზე, ქცევებზე საუბრობენ და ფიქრობენ. ადამიანი ძალიან ცვალებადი არსებაა. 105 more words


Goat Therapy for Young People at CATCH Leeds

CATCH Leeds, or ‘Community Action to Create Hope’ is a wonderful organisation in the heart of Harehills.

Recently they’ve shared on their twitter feed about kids interacting with their beautiful baby goats: 369 more words


Women in politics: Why they aren’t and why they should be

According to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), all people disregards of gender, social status, and ethnicity can participate meaningfully in governance and influence decisions that affect them. 1,151 more words

Youth, It's Painful

In 2013, I bought a great book. It’s really inspired me until now. The book originally titled Youth, It’s Painful by Rando Kim. In Indonesian edition, the title is Time of Your Life. 718 more words



Have you seen them?

They sleep all day and lay awake all night. They only have enough energy to do that one thing. They might have a job, but after and before work, there is nothing of use in them. 438 more words


2 Timothy 4:7

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

The phrase “seeing things through” means to persist with an undertaking until it is completed. 1,270 more words