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#103: The Smartphone

Continuing the trend of talking about technology in these blogs, I’ll be discussing smartphones today, and my history of having them. I saw an article on my Facebook feed about how young kids shouldn’t have smartphones until they’re 14 years old, apparently. 305 more words


Connections with Each Other & God

There is often a modern disconnect between parents and children that is quite disturbing.  Children spend time playing with tablets or on the computer or listening to their music or watching TV but there is little or no dialogue in the home.  1,028 more words


VISION: A Panacea For A Rudderless Nigeria?

The likes of Sanni Abacha’s Vision 2010 and Musa Yar’Adua’s Vision 2020 and other uncountable ‘paradise agendas ‘of different administrations have made it difficult, if not impossible for the average Nigerian to believe in the word – vision.

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Previous Birds and Stones Articles

“And the foundations of the wall of the city were garnished with all manner of precious stones… (Revelation 21:19a KJV)

I was going to write a new Avian and Attributes article for today.

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Home School

punctuality is it a value?

It has been awhile since I uploaded a blog post, not sure why to be exact. I was cleaning up my desk and found the note book where I wrote done some ideas for my blog. 508 more words

PSA: Managers Stop Selling Young Players Dreams!

To all the Manager’s selling young players dreams.

Just stop.

The ones that do this are the worst because it’s only through hindsight you see the exact species of worm they really are. 737 more words

Time Over Time

Every so often, there’s a moment in which I (Mitchell) see evidence of what we already know and claim as truth – that adult volunteers investing in students’ lives over time makes a lasting impact. 469 more words