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First Impressions count!

Eating tips to stay in shape and skin healthy

First impressions count, and much of that first impression is based on your skin (okay and how your dress).

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Youthful Skin

8 ways to look younger....its not as hard as you think


This is the simplest way to have great looking skin, but most of us forget to drink enough water on a daily basis. 458 more words

How to Get Radiant Skin

Youthful, healthy skin can be summed up with three descriptors: smooth, supple, and radiant. If you find that your radiance has gone the way of the dinosaurs, we’re here to help! 407 more words

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Uplift Eye Serum: Younger Looking Skin

“Uplift Eye Serum is my favorite skin product,” says Beth, one of my customers.

My customers love younique and so did my coworkers but me… it takes more than just word of mouth to get me to be a believer… so I decided to do some research to find out myself to see if this product was worth the hype. 753 more words


The Amazing Benefits of Maca Root

The first time I heard of Maca root it was suggested to me for some of my monthly hormonal lady help. With three kids, an IUD, and being (cringe) close to perimenopause age I am the prime candidate for this miracle root which is part of the radish family and grown in Peru. 307 more words

5 foods for youthful skin

There is more to skin ageing than night creams

If you read the latest magazine adverts or watched todays TV commercials you’ll be suitably convinced that the key to skin ageing is hydration and a daily regime of homecare products.

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Youthful Skin

Why Do Some People Look 30 When They Are 60?

For ages, man has searched for the elusive fountain of youth. Read on to find out ways you can start preserving your youthful appearance today. 249 more words