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Mistreated YouTube Star

Have you ever heard of the a creature called the Slow Loris?  Perhaps you’ve been on a trip somewhere in Southern Asia? Perhaps Bangladesh or Yunnan Province in China?   483 more words

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Adorable Puppy Howls Along To Frozen Song: WATCH

Your Monday is about to get a whole lot better with this cute video.

A sleepy Australian Shepherd puppy wakes up to the song, ‘Let It Go,’ from the movie… 68 more words


Viral Vid Fun: A Porcupine's Pumpkin Snack

Teddy Bear the Talking Porcupine resides at Zooniversity in Dallas, Texas. His words may be unintelligible, but you can tell he definitely wants to be heard. 150 more words


Viral Vid Fun: World's Most Adorable Fight

Human couples aren’t the only ones who argue with one another. Animal couples fight too.

This adorable clip by traveler Elin Nordlander has gone viral with over one million views. 138 more words


Viral Vid Fun: A Bear Cools Off In A Backyard Pool

A couple of Southern California residents managed to capture some home video of a bear taking a quick dip in their pool. With all that fur, how… 191 more words


Viral Vid Fun: Ram Attacks Drone

A drone pilot paid the price for trying to film a ram in New Zealand. The video shows a black wooly ram charging at a camera drone that’s buzzing around it. 171 more words



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This year I’ve taken my winter blues and cabin fever to a new level – complete animal obsession. Perhaps living in a city has gotten to me after five years but never before have I paid so much attention to #Caturday, Youtube animal compilations and animal memes. 409 more words