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"There's a metaphor which I love: living like a drawing compass."

“From her, I learned, amongst many other things, one very precious lesson — that if you want to destroy something in this life, be it an acne, a blemish or the human soul, all you need to do is to surround it with thick walls. 

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home: a dwelling place.

There are singers who make me cry, from the power of their voices alone. There are also singers who, despite my not understanding their native language(s), have the ability to de-ice my hardened interior and let light in to what I am convinced is my blackened heart. 703 more words

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"But what if we question the premise itself?"

How you should spend 30 minutes on a Sunday: watch this.

Now don’t run away just because the word feminist is there – I wouldn’t call myself that personally, at least based on its typical gender-skewed perspectives that favors one gender for another yet ironically calls for gender equality – but everything she said here is golden. 174 more words

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A 2014 Year-end Dramafest Reflection: For The Unsung Heroes in All of Us!

jandoe’s Dramafest Reflection is here again!

I’ve a friend who chides me all the friggin’ time for watching Asian dramas (I’ll take it in good spirits but when you imply it’s not okay to watch Asian dramas yet totally acceptable to watch Western dramas – get outta here) that I reflected on just why do I invest so much of myself for Asian dramas specifically? 8,861 more words

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Fun Times Galore With tvN's The Three Musketeers: A Review.

Thanks to Teri and Paloma’s suggestions, I picked up The Three Musketeers a few nights ago and well, the result is that I’ve been on some kind of drunk, emotional frenzy for the past three nights. 2,375 more words

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"it is hard to build a body out of words."

Is there a word for that?

You can only fit so many words in a postcard. Only so many in a phone call. Only so many into space, before you forget that words are sometimes used for things other than filling emptiness.

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Timeout: Who's Ready for Another Round of Mischievous Kiss?

Okay Mischievous Kiss fans, have you guys watched this latest trailer yet? It sheds (somewhat) greater detail about the new season which by the way – when is it premiering again? 138 more words

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