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Computer for Apollo - Interesting Tech at Nasa
















Here’s an interesting look into computing past, mid 1960’s,

where the “space race” was using early computers, not long out of the

vacuum tube era… quite interesting stuff :) 30 more words

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MUSIC - Mika Nakashima

Well hello there my fluffies, it’s me, the Beardyman :)

It’s been a little while since i posted anything by Mika Nakashima…. and my previous post was.. 76 more words

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What is Bill Gates and Monsanto up to ?


So ok, this might be digging around a bit and seeing a bit too much into nothing… or….

make your own decisions..


Today I was watching a Bill Gates interview about his relationship with Steve Jobs, and in that interview there was a tiny segment about Gates Fund that funds developments and what not, and it was mentioned that his company gave something around the $24million dollar mark as an investment to Monsanto to help fund its GMO projects… like.. 103 more words

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3 Sudacas, "Tarde de Abril" - Live at the BIRN and more....


Music :)

Before I vanish into the wilderness in a  few days :)

Happy Holidays Everyone :) 










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She broke Traveling


I am speechless…sort of…

As much as I sort of enjoy Shiina Ringo, there are some songs people should just never try and cover…. 24 more words


TED: Ed Yong: Suicidal wasps, zombie roaches and other parasite tales


This is a fascinating talk from a very entertaining researcher …. I’m really not going to give anything away, you so have to watch this.. 37 more words

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