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Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag

Hey everyone! Katytastic recently uploaded a “Secret Life of a Youtuber Tag” video and I wanted to do something like that. So, I’ll be doing pretty much the same tag but changing some of the questions for bloggers! 760 more words


Hackney police officers filmed responding to and tasering armed man in Hackney

A Hackney resident has uploaded video to YouTube of a group of police officers being confronted by an armed man shouting incoherently.

He is seen to run at them lunging with what looks like a sharpened instrument. 134 more words


Best For Last

On Sunday mornings I am always the first to get up early and prepare my spirit for service, before  my family arise and get ready for church as well.  104 more words


What I Watched: Azealia Banks "Ice Princess"

I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t really given much listen to Azealia Banks’ music aside from a few cuts from her Fantasea mixtape. However, I saw this video, “Ice Princess,” in the list of YouTube’s Suggested Videos and thought it was pretty cool. 16 more words

The Morning Talk

Man dodges bullets and returns fire... while on the phone

Apparently some phone calls are so important that you stay on the line even when you’re being shot at.

CCTV footage of a pavement in Cincinnati, Ohio, shows a man walking along the street with his mobile phone pressed to his ear when a drive-by shooter sends a hail of bullets his way. 124 more words