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Explaining #climate change in a #Manchester pub - of duvets, sailing ships and coal

Last night I got to do a ten minute “what is my research about” spiel at “PhD in the Pub.” It was followed by a slightly-less-than-20-minute q and a session (because I ‘donated’ some time from that to having folks confer before we began asking questions). 69 more words


Maxine Nightingale's Ocean of Glitter

I love glitter. I admit it. I praise it! Praise glitter. See?

But turning spiral-ish shaped thingies covered in gold glitter out of focus and with a star filter? 19 more words


Ladies and Gentlemen, Allow Me to Introduce to You P*ssed Off Stef

Quick little rundown of how I got introduced to P.O.S. It was during SXSW 2005 or 2006 and Rhymesayers Entertainment was having a showcase that a friend of mine wanted to go to. 251 more words



Simon Minter ( born September 7, 1993), better known as “Miniminter”, is a Leeds Youtuber known for his Fifa videos and vlogs. He was born in Leeds, England. 105 more words



Olajide “JJ” Olatunji (born 19 June 1993 in Watford, Hertfordshire), better known by his YouTube username Ksiolajidebt(stylised as KSIOlajideBT), is an English YouTuber, … 88 more words



The Ultimate Sidemen are a group of YouTube personalities who rose to prominence through their video game commentaries posted on the video sharing site. They consist of Ethan, Harry, JJ, Josh Simon, Tobi and Vikk. 95 more words


The miracle is this: the more we share the more we have.

Leonard Nimoy

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