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Uganda - Corrupt Payments

Parliament orders the repayment of fees paid to 42 officials following a victory in landmark tax arbitration case. 

The Ugandan Parliament has ordered all 42 government officials who had received a payout to refund the Ugandan Shillings (UShs) 6 billion that they had shared as a reward by President… 433 more words

Uganda has thrown an academic in jail over a "buttocks" insult to president Museveni


#PairOfButtocks is trending on Ugandan Twitter, but don’t be too quick to join in. The Ugandan academic who inspired the hashtag, will be spending 14 days in a maximum security prison in Kampala. 606 more words

The Joseph Kony “Threat” was Always Fake News

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford | March 29, 2017

Fake news stories roar in like a storm, but often evaporate with time. Seven years ago, President Obama and other fake news vendors depicted Joseph Kony as the devil incarnate, a dire threat to western interests and the people of central Africa.

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United States

African journalists have tips for their US counterparts on dealing with a president that hates the press

Last week, Washington Post Executive Editor Marty Baron voiced great apprehension about press freedom in the US under a Donald Trump presidency. “Many journalists wonder with considerable weariness what it is going to be like for us during the next four ,” Baron said in a stirring  850 more words

Uganda: 55 Police, Tribal Insurgents Killed in Clashes -- At least one tribal king detained


NOV. 27, 2016

KAMPALA — The Ugandan authorities said on Sunday 41 tribal insurgents and 14 police officers were killed in clashes in the west of the country, and the tribal king of the area near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo was detained. 102 more words

Uganda is abandoning plans for solar-powered buses and building diesel trucks instead

Kampala, Uganda

Uganda’s Kiira Motors will not be commercially producing solar buses after all. At least not for another decade, according to state-owned company’s CEO. 578 more words

Bee keeping to support families in Uganda

There are many different entry points for projects to strengthen livelihoods with beekeeping, such as including trees for bees within planting schemes to improve pollination and increase crop harvests, assisting honey hunters through beekeeping or making and marketing honey wines or beeswax cosmetics. 52 more words