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The Future is today NOT tomorrow - Bobi Wine

Dear young women and men of Uganda, today our country marks its 55th independence anniversary!

I feel the urgency to communicate to you on this day, and through this letter on three things; the state of our country, the prospects for the future, and what each one of us must do TODAY to better our destiny. 2,904 more words

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Daily Prompt: Believe

via Daily Prompt: Believe

What Happened To The Country We Were All Proud Of?

The early 2000’s to which most of my age-mates and I gain our political knowledge were great times to grow up into. 453 more words

This made me chuckle: Brawl breaks out in Uganda parliament debate

Watch for James Brown to make an appearance!

Apparently Uganda is debating raising the presidential age limit. According to the BBC:

Tempers flared and lawmakers were filmed brawling after it was alleged an MP had brought a gun into the chamber. 105 more words


Yoweri Museveni Using Terrorism to silence opposition members of Parliament

Police have opened up on the growing cases of explosives being planted at the residences of Uganda opposition members of parliament, and promised to hunt down the criminals behind the acts. 263 more words

Yoweri Museveni

Yoweri Museveni should stop making Ugandans slaves

Yoweri Museveni should stop making Ugandans slaves. I really don’t undestand why Yoweri Museveni can’t go back to his country when other Banyarwanda even die so that they can go back to their motherland. 23 more words

Yoweri Museveni

Tokikwatako: Ugandans shouldn't be afraid to associate with change or its agents

“I don’t know what your plan in life is Patrick but mine is the change the world,” I told him as I shut the door to his office. 629 more words

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When Museveni attempted to edit own age to remain in power


33 years later, this is how far a dictator is willing to go in order to remain in power.

Uganda is yet at another tipping point. 827 more words

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