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Ben’s Music Reviews- Divers

By Ben Mulick

Rating: 7/10 FFO: St.Vincent, Fleet Foxes, Ra Ra Riot, Sufjan Stevens  

Joanna Newsom, independent music’s own beloved chamber-pop star, soothes listeners with new fairytale-esque ballads in her 4th studio LP, Divers. 665 more words

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Album Review: Joanna Newsom - Divers

Joanna Newsom

Divers (Drag City)

It only takes the most cursory of listens to appreciate why so many are drunk on Joanna Newsom’s wordplay. Even those who aren’t so keen on the work of the Californian singer/composer/actor/general polymath tend to size up her encyclopaedic vocabulary as one of her central attributes, and indeed, Newsom’s four-strong discography is bursting at the seams with intoxicating language drawn from arcane phrases and precise poetry. 949 more words

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Game Music Revisited - "First Step Towards Wars"

I’ve highlighted videogame music in the past. Usually it was in the context of an entire series, but I also used to focus on individual pieces via the “Gamer’s Playlist” series I contributed to my friend Wildcat’s old blog. 657 more words

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I saw someone draw adol & duren sleeping together so I thought about it and what if adol sleeptalks about dogi

I love big sweetheart bara men… 40 more words


Ys Seven Review

Before beginning, I feel I should clarify what I mean when I refer to prior Ys games, as I have played Ys Chronicles, Ark of Napishtim… 1,385 more words

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Ys Origin Review

About two years ago, I gave my thoughts on Ys Origin, a game I thoroughly enjoyed well above all other Ys games, at least the ones I played, meaning the ones on PC.   972 more words

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