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Review: Ys VI - The Ark of Napishtim

Adol Christin does in Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim what he does best: shipwreck, wash ashore on a strange land, befriend the population and proceed to kick ass, take names and make every woman in a ten-mile radius fall in love with him. 1,657 more words


Officially love Boxing 

I hate situations like these very often. See I’ve already committed to a lifelong decision to live on a budget then I see these ugly looking shoes. 11 more words

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim Review

If I had to give a brief summary of how the Ys series works in regards to its final products, I would say that the first few titles were more experimental than anything, involving large changes to the gameplay and point of view with each installment before the series hit a sour note with part V, and went away for a generation, only to come back with this title, Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim, and revitalized the franchise for a total of three games before changing up the gameplay once.   1,604 more words

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The Lunar: The Silver Star Story-like Nostalgia of Ys Memories of Celceta

I keep thinking of Working Design games whenever I play an Ys title. The worlds are so well made and put together and the character designs are beautiful, complex, and of that particular anime quality that makes me want to re-watch Record of the Lodoss War all over again.


Personal PS Vita Game Recommendations

I for one had my PS Vita since it came out in North America. Oh okay, a week after if you count the First Edition Bundle. 481 more words

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A rose by any other name...

Think of a logo with text, or check the logo on the product that is nearest to you. If I’d ask you to write what some of those logos say, you’d might write something like Hitachi, Sound Blaster, Battlestar Galactica, Talisker, Canon, Muv-Luv and so on. 1,277 more words