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What everyday object has now been declared illegal to bring onto the Chinese mainland?

The People’s Republic of China has always been strict about what is  and is not allowed into the country. Now authorities can add one more thing to the list of forbidden articles after the emergence of this particular item. 598 more words


China's Bully Tactics

Defining Ideas, May 10, 2012

-Article by Ying Ma

Modern China is a place of incongruity. Gruesome political repression occurs alongside glitzy economic transformation. Massive corruption permeates the explosive growth in national wealth. 1,218 more words


Poisoned By Propaganda

Yesterday Yaxue posted a piece entitled “An Angry Father,” in which she asked the question – How can a parent protect their child from the poison of the Party’s propaganda? 891 more words


Hu Ping: Does Wen Jiabao Really Wish to Redress June 4th?

About the author: Mr. Hu Ping (胡平) was a graduate student of philosophy at Peking University in 1980. On campus that fall there was a lively student campaign, and then election, for People’s Representatives of Haidian District in Beijing, an event that has not been seen since. 1,146 more words


The Plan of the Rapture (Part 1), + Plus Breaking Prophecy News (#15)


The Prophet Daniel’s Report #15

Signs of His Coming: Britain, the US and France have sent warships through the Strait of Hormuz | Israel’s Defense minister has slammed the EU for delaying an embargo on Iranian oil until July | Under International Pressure, China Releases Pastor Shi Enhao… 76 more words

The Prophet Daniel's Report

Heard on Weibo, 01/21, sentences, and the list everyone wants to be on

This week, Chinese citizen Li Tie (李铁) was sentenced in Wuhan to 10 year prison, while another,  Zhu Yufu (朱虞夫), was charged in Hangzhou, both for “inciting to subvert the state power,” namely, for promoting freedom and democracy. 898 more words