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Hunting Party Showdown@Hydra

A new dawn for the Infinity Tournament System.  The old has been swept away – replaced by the new!  New rules, new missions, new strategies!  In preparation for Masters the Totally Crit crew at the Hydra Games Club decided to run a 1 mission showdown with one of the new missions on the block – Hunting Party!  2,413 more words

Tournament Report

Miniature Mondays: Yu Jing: Ninja with Tactical Bow (Finished)

Yu Jing: Ninja with Tactical Bow (Finished)

This was a very frustrating model to paint. The model looked great, I’m just not skilled enough to bring it to life the way I wanted to. 197 more words


Battle Report - Infinity - Imperial Service vs. Military Orders

Owen from Gaming with the Cooler and I take an episode to examine this year’s Direct Action Interplanetary Tournament winner’s lists for Military Orders and play through Game 5’s mission from the worldwide Championship of ITS Season 8!

Guerrilla Miniature Games

INTEL: Beyond Red Veil Yu-Jing

With the arrival of Beyond Red Veil it is now possible along side the Operation Red Veil to have a 300 point army for £45-50 (price based on a half box share!).   796 more words

Yu Jing

Miniature Mondays: Yu Jing: Ninja with Tactical Bow

Yu Jing: Ninja with Tactical Bow

Infinity is the new Wargame that our gaming group has decided to try out. With some of the factions taken, I settled on Yu Jing because who doesn’t like space ninjas? 56 more words


Totally Crit XI.2 Double Action!

Totally Crit XI.2 Double Action!

Day 2 of the Totally Crit two day event!  Grantt ‘Aidhe’, Andy ‘Riker’ and me Stuart ‘Sam2064′ road tripped up to the venue – a large ‘scout hut’ hall in Penbury, near Tonbridge, Kent, UK. 3,150 more words

Tournament Report

MayaCast Episode 144: Intergalactic Planetary, Planetary Intergalactic

In Episode 144 of MayaCast, Tom and Kip discuss the news and rumors that came out of the seminars at last weekend’s Interplanetario as well as what’s inside the Beyond boxes. 419 more words