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Gaming Thoughts - Totally Crit Open 2 Aftermath

Saturday just gone saw me and gaming buddy Jez travel East to Tunbridge Wells for the 2nd Totally Crit Open. We got to the venue nice and early and were able to have a chat with some of the guys who were there, as well as set up the table of terrain that we’d brought along from my own collection. 2,272 more words

Infinity The Game

The Paint Pain: Something wicked this way comes

So fickle as I am I let myself to be persuade to start yet another game: Malifaux.

Back in the day the miniatures were quite fugly, but just as the Infinity ones the newest incarnations are very good. 224 more words


For the mon...ahem people: NeoTerra: A Viral Outbreak and something about Aliens and AI

The first warning sirens of a contamination alert were hardly fading, when already the Bolts set foot on the scene. Whatever had happened, Chris Bolton and his gang were here to clean it up. 1,193 more words


INFINITY Yu Jing Terracotta Soldier...

Big bad Terracotta heavy infantry. What is there to be said? They are pretty legit for their points value and I am considering running them at max allowed. 101 more words


Gaming Thoughts - One Night 'Speed Infinity' mini-tournament

Just a quick post today to detail last night’s One Night Stand that happened over at Pigmar Wargaming Club.

Every year, we try to hold at least one small event for each of our most popular game systems, which usually take the form of a short tournament lasting just one evening. 552 more words

Infinity The Game

Infinity - Low Tier Biotechvore

Zeb (our regular Yu Jing player) and I tried out Biotechvore on Sunday, in preparation for the local tournament this coming weekend. We both brought lots of infiltrators, and both had no problems with our confused deployment rolls, which helped us out immensely. 408 more words

Infinity The Game

INFINITY Yu Jing Domaru Butai with Chain Rifle...

This was my first Infinity miniature I ever owned. I didn’t end up keeping the sword on him for practical reasons during gaming and for traveling. 137 more words