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Remote Communications.

I never really talked about the names of the Yáoxiè Ruì shī, Yáoxiè Lù Duān and Yáozǎo remotes that I repainted earlier, probably because I was still in shock that I didn’t ruin them ( 576 more words


Celestial Gardening, Part 3

Just finished painting this Celestial Guard with combi-rifle. I really like this guy’s pose, it’s dynamic without being silly. As the most basic unit for building an Imperial Service list, it’s good that I finally have one of these guys. 211 more words


Oh, the Su-Jianity! Part 4.

The long awaited and thrilling conclusion to the accidentally extended Su-Jian saga. I finally got my hands on a pin vice and some micro drill bits. 91 more words


Infinity N3 Battle Report...

Me and some locals have been grinding out some smaller 150 point games to get use to the rules and the readjust from 2nd edition. Ideally the game is meant to be played at the 300 point level. 549 more words

Battle Report

Celestial Gardening, Part 2

In an earlier post I alluded to how I picked up the Celestial Guard with Kuang Shi Control Device, despite being put off by their grimdark nature.  258 more words


Liars game.

In 2013 I said to the guy who I started Infinity with something to the effect of “I would never get Bao troops or Kuang Shi” because their unit descriptions are ‘2edgey4me”. 43 more words