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In Service to the Imperial Army

So, while life has been extremely hectic lately, and I have some models that are in progress, but not ready to show yet, I’m sure you guys are aware that my faction ADD has struck again!  1,294 more words


The Paint Pain: Yu Jing and Acontecimento

So some painting was at least in the cards lately and my Yu Jing army has quite a nice number of troops by now. The finished Shang Ji can be seen here right to the unfinished Zuyong and Hac Tao, and some people ask why I don´t like the scale creep… 109 more words


Tournament Day 30.04.2016 Game 2

My next opponent was PanO,  or better said, the Acontecimento Shock Army. I’ve never played against this sectorial army but I had already one game against my opponent. 1,268 more words

Imperial Service

Tournament Day 30.04.2016 Game 1

Last friday was tournament day. We were 8 participants and with an exception of combined army, every faction was represented! There were 4 beautiful tables and I had the luck to play on 3 of them and it was challenging to think over the advantages and disadvantages of the terrain before every game. 1,365 more words

Imperial Service

A friendly wager

As many of you know, infinity is going through an exciting time lately, with a series of incredibly releases only made more interesting with the addition of a whole new book of rules (H3N3) to play around with. 426 more words

Infinity: The Game

MayaCast Episode 80: HSN3 Part 3 - Faction Profiles (Part 1)

Now that’s a title! In Episode 80 of MayaCast, Tom and Kip discuss the profiles from HSN3 for PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, and Haqqislam. They talk about what changes were made, what’s new, and what roles these new troops can play. 608 more words