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Infinity - Low Tier Biotechvore

Zeb (our regular Yu Jing player) and I tried out Biotechvore on Sunday, in preparation for the local tournament this coming weekend. We both brought lots of infiltrators, and both had no problems with our confused deployment rolls, which helped us out immensely. 408 more words

Infinity The Game

INFINITY Yu Jing Domaru Butai with Chain Rifle...

This was my first Infinity miniature I ever owned. I didn’t end up keeping the sword on him for practical reasons during gaming and for traveling. 137 more words


INFINITY Yu Jing Zhanshi with Combi Rifle...

Here’s some Line Troops from Yu Jing. I’ve pretty much stuck with my same painting recipe except now I will highlight after the dark tone inks are used. 103 more words


Guardians of the Silk Road: The Dark Mist

Greetings again. My QK force valiantly fought against a blatant Yu Jing Incursion yesterday. The attackers sprayed a huge cloud of Nanites in advance to hinder sight, but the QK set out immediately to deny them any ground. 917 more words


MayaCast Episode 26: N3 Yu Jing Profile Changes

On Epsiode 26 of MayaCast, Tom and Kip badly pronounce a bunch of Asian-inspired words as we review the changes to the Profiles for Yu Jing in Infinity: The Game third edition. 76 more words


Did someone just say "Weeaboo"?

’cause I think I just heard someone  say “Weeaboo“.

Let’s face it, the Oniwaban is one of the coolest models in the range. Whilst I had planned to keep my force made up entirely of Chinese themed units, I eventually caved, partly because I wanted some TO in my IS lists and partly because he looks so damn cool. 412 more words


Flak Monkey

So impressed was I  with the Kuang Shi and his capacity for stomach churning violence last Sunday that I whipped up two friends for him as fast as possible throughout a fairly busy week. 213 more words