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MayaCast Episode 26: N3 Yu Jing Profile Changes

On Epsiode 26 of MayaCast, Tom and Kip badly pronounce a bunch of Asian-inspired words as we review the changes to the Profiles for Yu Jing in Infinity: The Game third edition. 76 more words


Did someone just say "Weeaboo"?

’cause I think I just heard someone  say “Weeaboo“.

Let’s face it, the Oniwaban is one of the coolest models in the range. Whilst I had planned to keep my force made up entirely of Chinese themed units, I eventually caved, partly because I wanted some TO in my IS lists and partly because he looks so damn cool. 412 more words


Flak Monkey

So impressed was I  with the Kuang Shi and his capacity for stomach churning violence last Sunday that I whipped up two friends for him as fast as possible throughout a fairly busy week. 213 more words


Remote Communications.

I never really talked about the names of the Yáoxiè Ruì shī, Yáoxiè Lù Duān and Yáozǎo remotes that I repainted earlier, probably because I was still in shock that I didn’t ruin them ( 576 more words


Celestial Gardening, Part 3

Just finished painting this Celestial Guard with combi-rifle. I really like this guy’s pose, it’s dynamic without being silly. As the most basic unit for building an Imperial Service list, it’s good that I finally have one of these guys. 211 more words


Oh, the Su-Jianity! Part 4.

The long awaited and thrilling conclusion to the accidentally extended Su-Jian saga. I finally got my hands on a pin vice and some micro drill bits. 91 more words