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Battle Report - Infinity N3 - Radio Free NeoTerra Ep 27

After many months of not playing them, I prepare to dive back into Yu Jing against Owen’s Pan O Military Orders. Yu Jing is one of my two 2016 Army focuses (along with Tohaa), so you’ll see lots more stuff added to them on this week’s On The Paint Table! 32 more words

Guerrilla Miniature Games

Brushwork - Monday 1st February

A day off last Friday meant that I had some real time at the painting-table and so was able to churn out a few models this week. 720 more words


Brushwork - Tuesday 19th January

I’ve continued to tackle the pile of shame this week, although thanks to a gift from a friend, it’s actually meant that the number of unpainted models hasn’t decreased! 144 more words


In Service of the Jade Dragon 1.5

So I managed to get in one and a half game with my Yu Jing. The first one was stopped halway through, so no real counting. 364 more words


Brushwork - Monday 11th January

With the move into the new house finally over with (barring a few last little bits to unpack), I’ve finally been able to get back to the painting table. 414 more words


Infinity: When a Ninja got stuck up the chimney

An Infinity Yu Jing Ninja With Tactical Bow Conversion

This was a Christmas present for my mate Steve, and this post is how I went about converting the model. 1,789 more words


The Paint Pain: Yu Jing Boost and Campaign Preparation


so back to painting. First my Yu Jing got a serious boost, as a friend of mine got rid of his. So much for my plan to restrict myself to a few models. 156 more words