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Finale! The Devaluation Discussion Series (Part II)

Due to these consequences, weaker currency will only work well to countries with few debts, small in import value, large in export value, and have no need importing primary-need-good in the short run. 502 more words

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Finale! The Devaluation Discussion Series (Part I)

Aside better income from exports, weaker currency also possesses some consequences. For countries with fixed exchange rate to devaluate its own currency, they might have weighed these consequences and be ready for them. 528 more words

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Japan Bank: US Sanctions Could Lead to Direct Ruble-Yen Swaps

“We’re now studying that . We need some of the swap arrangements with the local banks. We are elaborating opportunities with Russian banks such as Gazprombank, VTB, VEB… Because of the US sanctions, we cannot use the US dollar anymore, we have to switch to other currencies,” Tadashi Maeda said on Thursday, speaking after a conference at the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in the Russian city of Vladivostok. 311 more words

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What’s Behind Chinese Leaders’ Response to the Market Crisis?

The current China conundrum lies in both economic and political dimensions, although much of the alarm about China’s economic downturn appears to be misplaced or overstated. 64 more words


Yuan to be devalued to "nothing for 30 days", say CCP

In a bid to maintain China’s rapid economic growth, the Chinese Communist Party today announced the devaluation of the yuan to the equivalent of $0 (T&Cs apply). 241 more words


Notes From Underground: Looking Back to December 24, 2014

There is now rampant talk about a revived FED QE4 program, most powerfully talked about by Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio and Larry Summers (from the genetically powered economics family of Samuelson and Arrow). 346 more words


The World is in an Economic Funk and Shows No Sign of Change

The global economy is in deep trouble.

Forget the headlines reporting meager growth in the U.S. Forget the positive news about German exports. Ignore the stories that China’s worries are overblown (see The Economist leader, … 1,160 more words