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Q94. Discuss why Duryodhana refuses even to give a pinprick of land to the Pandavas

Duryodhana refused to give Pandavas even a pinprick of land because he knew that Pandavas were so righteous that from a pinprick of land they will take over his entire kingdom. 42 more words


Q93. What practical lesson(s) can we learn from the attempt by Duryodhana to disrobe Draupadi publicly?

Practical lessons we can learn from disrobing of Draupadi are:

1. Krsna never fails to protect His dear devotees.

2. Krsna never forgives those who offend His devotees. 118 more words


An Excerpt from Yudhisthira-The Unfallen Pandava

Mahabharatha, the second most famous epic of Hindu mythology has entertained, enlightened, and been a source of much thought and discussion for as long as the text has existed. 967 more words