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Twenty years ago NATO launched illegal war against Serbia under false pretext- killing & maiming thousands civilians

EDITORIAL- On March 24th 1999, US and NATO alliance started the biggest and most barbaric bombing campaign in post-WWII Europe, against Serbia and Monte Negro (then Yugoslavia).

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15 years on: Looking back at NATO's ‘humanitarian’ bombing of Yugoslavia — RT World News

Clinton’s Kosovo war was about as legitimate as the Iraq war. The result:

Christian free zone, drug smuggling hub and human organ trading center.

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NATO-Yugoslavia war, prelude to more bloodshed

This 1999 Associated Press video says about itself:

Hundreds of mourners have flocked to the funeral of a three year old girl allegedly killed during…

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Peace And War

Blink in, blink out

My stepfather died today, or yesterday. It was recent, is my point. He and my mom separated about two years ago and being an antisocial, insecure, and controlling alcoholic, he withered on his own pretty quickly, it seems — life must seem pretty pointless when the one person you had to argue with is gone. 394 more words

Video: The Illegal NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia By Milo Dubak

20 March 2019 — Global Research

Vice President of 28 June Movement Milo Dubak Addresses United Nations Human Rights Council

28. Jun Vice President Milo Dubak delivered a… 552 more words


A Currency for the Cat — Višegrad, Andrićgrad, Višendrićgrad

As with Pale, I decided to have a brief lie down before heading out into the wilds of this new town. That seemed like an almost insultingly dramatic adjective to use for the town in the peace of the riverside, but when a group of kids began absent-mindedly shooting a pellet gun in no particular direction it became depressingly apt. 1,401 more words


Various Artists - Tuning Into The World: Slovenia

Slovenia. Nestled in the Alps. Bordering the vast and stark Great Hungarian Plain. Immersed in political and linguistic difference. Still defining and redefining itself after its epochal secession from Yugoslavia at the very outset of the Balkan conflicts in the nineties. 328 more words