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The Empire Bombed Serbia to Seize Kosovo in 1999

The American Empire faced downsizing in the 1990s after the Warsaw Pact disbanded and Soviets troops withdrew home. American politicians demanded a reduction in military spending and the closure of most military bases in Europe.

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#BIRTHDAY: Tajči from Yugoslavia is 50 today

#BIRTHDAY: Tajči from Yugoslavia is 50 today

A home entry! Excellent. This one comes from a country warm enough for the home participant not to worry about wishing they’d gone somewhere more exotic. 124 more words


“Color Revolution” in US: Deep State’s “Regime Change” PLOT | F. William Engdahl

Those who have studied in the events that led to the dismemberment of the former Yugoslavia and other regime change ‘Colored Revolutions’ will recognize what it taking place in the United States. 2,951 more words


Europe's Lost Children: The Migrant Crisis, Historical References

My books are fiction; all of the main characters are fictional. However they were inspired by real events. My latest alternative history/historical fiction series, Europe’s Lost Children… 1,014 more words