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There Was No Calm, There Is No Storm — The Most Disappointing Bridge in the Balkans

Vranje didn’t exactly disappoint on the gastronomical front, as I found a delight of a place that did a fine run in the classics at prices that could only be described as economic. 1,064 more words


For my readers in Yugoslavia

There are countries where I am received with car bombs and threatening phone calls (Malta), and then there are countries where I am received with hospitality and curiosity, leading to… 160 more words


A Currency for the Cat — The Not Entirely True Story of Hadži Loja

After a filling plate of pljeskavica and a couple of glasses of much-improved Sarajevsko, I trundled slowly back up Vratnik in the direction of my hotel. 808 more words


International Action Center - giving Fascism Progressive Cover | How Ramsey Clark Championed Baltic Nazi War Criminals | Jared Israel and Nico Varkevisser - TENC


In 1991, even as Clark was in the process of setting up the supposedly Leftist International Action Center (IAC) he gave an interview to the New York Times in which he again called for “reconciliation” with aging Nazis. 4,077 more words


The Other Ukraine


February 28, 2019

by arras for The Saker blog

Ukraine is a country in the Eastern Europe, which doesn’t require introduction to most readers as it was and still is filling pages of the newspapers and screens of a TVs. 3,509 more words

AngloZionist Empire

Why I No Longer Write About Bosnia

Author’s Note: This post should really have a subtitle. Its full title should be “Why I No Longer Write About Bosnia: A Lesson on Staying in Your Own Lane.” … 1,910 more words

SA341/342 Gazelle Gama - Yugoslav Air Force

Download link: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3303625/

Yugoslav Air Force Gazelle Gama/Hera skin, based on a real world Yugoslav AF Gazelle recon/attack camouflage.
Skin pack contains single skin.

Coalition countries: Yugoslavia