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The 21st Albanian Nazi SS Division Skanderbeg's role in the Holocaust

“The 21st Albanian Nazi SS Division Skanderbeg played a key role in the Holocaust. This Nazi SS Division was made up of Albanians from Albania proper and Kosovo. 1,941 more words


Albanian Nazi War Criminals Secretly Given Refuge in United States

“…Albanian wartime leader, Xhafer Deva, also reached the United States. In a 1948 State Department memorandum, he is identified as the Minister of the Interior in the Nazi occupation… 1,350 more words

Where is Dua Lipa From?

I love world history. I especially love world politics. I have loved it ever since I took a Model United Nations camp last summer, and had the opportunity to represent a country’s problems in front of a mock General Assembly. 739 more words


How Yugoslavia Was Carved Out & Destroyed: A Very Quick Summary

Twenty years ago today, the last Yugoslavian war ended, in Kosovo. It’s fitting that it ended with a peace deal that was comprehensively violated by the winners, as it contained no provision to create an independent Kosovo. 2,535 more words

Sights And Sounds

Ill In The Head Records re-release the album by legendary Yugoslav hardcore punk band Ex-Cess in digital and vinyl format!

Ill in the Head Records is pleased to announce the vinyl reissue of the almost forgotten gem of Yugoslav punk. Twenty five years after its underground release on cassette during the wars of succession in Yugoslavia, “Osiguranje životne večnosti” by a legendary Serbian punk band… 977 more words


Pray for the Balkans

As Mike and Al boarded their flight home from the brand new airport at Zagreb, it was an opportunity to give thanks to God for all he is doing in this part of the world. 386 more words

European Walks

The Story of Miss Besieged Sarajevo — Inela Nogić

Here’s a cheery game for you, close your eyes and think of war; sure, not the most enjoyable thing to do I shall admit, but there we go. 870 more words