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Natsu after Avatar! Gray to kill Frosch!? - Fairy Tail 425

Fairy Tail 425 reveals a mystery to what Future Rogue told Natsu of who killed Frosch, which is supposedly Gray. We see Natsu stop current Rogue and Minerva in their job to destroy Avatar as Natsu quickly takes over and heads towards Avatar in an effort to find Gray and bring him back to Fairy Tail. 606 more words


Celestial Wizard's Gottfried! Ophiuchus' Plan - Fairy Tail 216

Fairy Tail 216 shows the Fairy Tail members trying to destroy everything in which Ophiuchus stands while Natsu tries to defeat her. Hisui, Lucy and Yukino try and activate Gottfried in which they try and get rid of the Liberum which traps them there. 373 more words

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Ophiuchus' Plan! Celestial King's Madness - Fairy Tail 215

Fairy Tail 215 continues with Natsu and others battling against Ophiuchus who reveals that all she is doing is for the King, thus it’s all been their plan. 425 more words

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Gray vs Cancer! Dance Battle - Fairy Tail 211

Fairy Tail 211 see’s Gray unleash his inner self to win against Cancer in a dance battle. Levy and Capricorn as well as Cana and Scorpio keep on battling as Cana wins. 429 more words

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Celestial Globe! Performing Liberum - Fairy Tail 206

Fairy Tail 206 face the Celestial Spirits who’ve gone evil trying to find “perfect freedom” requiring the Celestial Globe to perform the Liberum. Lucy and the others go ahead to find this at the library when Evil Virgo shows up to end up taking it from Yukino and Levy’s hand. 473 more words

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The Evil Celestial Spirits! Filler Arc - Fairy Tail 205

Fairy Tail 205 begins a filler arc whereby the Celestial Spirits are unable to be called and thus cause chaos as they search for Perfect Freedom. 606 more words

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Repaying The Celestial Spirits! - Fairy Tail 204

Fairy Tail 204 seems like a stupid filler episode to me, Yukino, Lucy, Natsu and the others go into a hill to find themselves repaying the celestial spirits that had helped them to close the Eclipse Gate. 159 more words

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