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Larcade's Pleasure! Kagura Appears - Fairy Tail 508

Fairy Tail 508 see’s Larcade’s magic taking over everything and anyone within the battlefield, it even takes over his own forces as well as Zeref and others. 436 more words


Fairy Tail 508 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Fairy Tail 508 doesn’t seem to pull any punches as we get to see some of the more minor stories around other guilds within the battlefield, if you want to know what happens, read on otherwise stop as spoilers follow after this. 341 more words


White Dragneel! Spriggan Gathering - Fairy Tail 493

Fairy Tail 493 see’s August and Eileen meet up as he orders all members of the Spriggan to gather as the battle continues. August shoots down Mirajane using his ability, but Brandish secretly saves her by making her wounds smaller. 588 more words


Fairy Tail 485 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Fairy Tail 485 spoilers were posted online a few hours ago, with lots and lots of information to with. If you’d like to know what the chapter delivers, go ahead and read on, otherwise everything below this is a spoiler, so stop if you don’t want to know. 381 more words



The Heavenly Scales

Dark hair styled to look like ox horns and a curvaceous figure, she wears a green outfit that resembles a belly dancers clothing.   230 more words