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The Temple of the Golden Pavilion

Mishima’s classic published in English (translated by Ivan Morris) on this date in 1959. See Donald Keene’s original review “Beauty Itself Became a Deadly Enemy” in the NYT.

Philosophical Literature

The Good Fortune to Publish Translations -- Stone Bridge Publisher Peter Goodman

May GLLI Blog Series:  Japan in Translation, No. 16

I can’t tell you the number of times we’ve been pitched a literary translation with the line: “The author is a best-seller in Japan.” If you know anything about Americans, you know that that argument is a non-starter. 939 more words


Translated Excerpt from Chapter 17 of The Music

However, these reflections were based on the assumption that Reiko’s letter was telling the truth: if it was just an invention, things changed dramatically. How many times before had the young woman tormented me with her lies!

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Yukio Mishima

Translated Excerpt from Chapter 7 of The Music

At one point, while we were making love, I thought I heard the slight scratching of a sapphire on the last furrow of a record that continues to spin indefinitely once the music is over.

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Yukio Mishima

Suggested Reads (I'm back!)

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I apologize for being MIA for so long. I have really had to focus on school and internships for the last couple months, but I’ll try to grind out some high-quality blog posts while I have this short break! 780 more words


Culture of Death in Yukio Mishima's Novels

Portrait of a Japanese eccentric and poet and suicide victim, Yukio Mishima

In the morning of November 25, 1970, dressed in a theatrical fantasy uniform and accompanied by four cadets of his theatrical fantasy private army, he captured the Commander of Japanese Civil Defense.  2,660 more words


Spring Snow (The Sea of Fertility #1) by Yukio Mishima

Spring Snow is a historical fiction novel by Yukio Mishima, which explores several wealthy characters in Japan during the early years of the Taisho period. 582 more words

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