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Kishin Shinoyama

Yukio Mishima as St. Sebastian


Are You a Genius?

We at Snipes have always considered ourselves to have above average intelligence, at the least. Choosing to ignore the many online IQ tests that we have taken, we have shied away from giving ourselves the label “geniuses” out of humility.  286 more words


Why I Read

“Bret Lassiter,” by Marge Simon

I think writers are as necessary as doctors. Like a doctor, the writer performs the vital functions of diagnosing patients, advising them, and healing them. 595 more words


Purple Japan

When I was little, I wanted to be Japanese. I guess it might have been because of the Japanese “invasion” on TV the likes of Bioman and other Power Rangers… they seem to be everywhere on TV when I was growing up. 101 more words


- AkutagawaRyūnosuke -

Ryunosuke Akutagawa has been a very interesting writer in my eyes, in a different context from his fellow novelists such as Yukio Mishima. Whilst Mishima and Yasunari Kawabata focused a lot of their writing in the pursuit of beauty, Ryunosuke on the other hand written a lot about human interaction in a terrifying way. 164 more words

Books & Songs

Quote of the Week: Yukio Mishima, "Confessions of a Mask"

It’s a common failing of childhood to think that if one makes a hero out of a demon the demon will be satisfied.45 more words


A Rebirth (Of Sorts)

Just a few minutes ago, I finished reading Yukio Mishima’s short story Patriotism, along with other works such as Raymond Carver’s Cathedral. All of it was for a Thursday writing class. 265 more words

Life Away From The Pen