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6 Infamous Cases of People Committing Seppuku

Typically, a good seppuku performance would consist of the samurai driving a tanto sword into his abdomen and disemboweling himself by slashing the part from left to right. 1,552 more words


Is Japan Finally Coming to Terms With Mishima?

Mishima once famously told his wife that “even if I am not immediately understood, it’s OK because I’ll be understood by the Japan of 50 or 100 years time.”

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Philosophical Literature

Why Writers Run

Most folks think of writing as a monkish, abstract endeavor more akin to meditation than exertion. But there’s a vital connection between the discipline of putting one word after another and taking one stride after another, as… 300 more words


Review: The Sound of Waves by Yukio Mishima

Title: The Sound of Waves (Shiosai)

Author: Yukio Mishima

Translator: Meredith Weatherby

Pages: 183 p

ISBN: 978-480-5-306-369

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing, 2001

Shinji, an eighteen y.o. boy, lives in Uta-jima (The Song Island), an island which the inhabitants are only 1400. 669 more words


Wishful Wednesday #28

Goodreads Blurb:

The Sea of Fertility“ (豊饒の海 Hōjō no Umi) is a tetralogy written by the Japanese author Yukio Mishima. The series, which Mishima began writing in 1964 and which was his final work, is usually thought of as his masterpiece. 302 more words


Bumpity bump - books!

This blog isn’t dead yet, if you were wondering – I usually try to squeeze in a blog post every weekend or so, but lately some things have been getting in my way: 272 more words