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spring snow

Zurich – The city is changing in front of my eyes, the air smells like flowers, the earth is alive, I am here wondering about life, so sweet are this spring days, when the sky is a slow poem and flowers his muse For this days I have chosen Yukio MIshima’s book, Spring Snow, just like his story, spring comes like an outsider and you start this love affair from nowhere, and when it is over you realise the magnitude of your passion. 237 more words


What next? (I am your master)

Even though there’s still more to cover with Yeats from his drama and his prose, as I read along I’m thinking ahead wondering what to read next. 735 more words


Kishin Shinoyama

Yukio Mishima as St. Sebastian


Are You a Genius?

We at Snipes have always considered ourselves to have above average intelligence, at the least. Choosing to ignore the many online IQ tests that we have taken, we have shied away from giving ourselves the label “geniuses” out of humility.  286 more words


Why I Read

“Bret Lassiter,” by Marge Simon

I think writers are as necessary as doctors. Like a doctor, the writer performs the vital functions of diagnosing patients, advising them, and healing them. 595 more words


Purple Japan

When I was little, I wanted to be Japanese. I guess it might have been because of the Japanese “invasion” on TV the likes of Bioman and other Power Rangers… they seem to be everywhere on TV when I was growing up. 101 more words