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Runaway Horses

Runaway Horses is volume two in Yukio Mishima’s Sea of Fertility Tetralogy. It tells the story of Isao, the son of Shigeyuki Iinuma, Kioyaki Matsugae’s tutor from  2,329 more words

Spring Snow by Yukio Mishima

The Shinkawas were both irritated and flattered by the Matsugae’s invitation to the blossom viewing. Irritated because they realized how bored they would be. Flattered because it would give them an opportunity to display their authentically European manners in public.

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One From the Archive: 'The Sailor Who Fell From Grace with the Sea' by Yukio Mishima **

Before beginning The Sailor Who Fell From Grace with the Sea, Mishima was an author whom I had been meaning to get to for years.  445 more words

Best Fiction and Writing Blogs

The best fiction and writing blog posts from around the ‘net, with advice and inspiration guaranteed to make you a literary ninja. Compiled by mishima. 60 more words


The Temple of the Golden Pavilion - Ikebana

While Kashiwaga was talking, his hands had been moving delicately, first arranging the little, rusty flower holder in the bowl, then inserting the cattail, which occupied the role of Heaven in the arrangement, next adding the irises, which he adjusted into a three-leaf set.

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Books as albums - why not?

Recently, I was re-reading Anais Nin’s Delta Of Venus. I also happened to have Kate Bush’s The Sensual World on repeat, which, god bless her, is one of my favourite records from Ms Kate herself. 460 more words