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Blue Exorist Episode 30


While I can appreciate a story that takes its time getting to a point, that’s kind of only if I’m finding the set up and opening moves interesting, and Blue Exorcist season 2 is suffering from a severe lack of interesting developments. 188 more words

Blue Exorcist Episode 26


Second season of Blue Exorcist. Rin and his twin brother were raised by a priest who was then killed by Satan. Turns out Satan is their father and Rin has inherited his power. 178 more words

Blue Exorcist Season 2 What is going on?

Finally at long last the new season of Blue Exorcist came out and when I first watched it I was confused, extremely confused because the first season didn’t seem to be following through to the second season from where we left off and instead we are starting off from episode 17 where Amaon attacks the group and Rin shows off his flames which we see in a flashback, honestly if they hadn’t added that flashback scene I would have been continually confused for the rest of the episode of what was happening. 407 more words


Inside Marie & Gali with Episode Director Yukio Kaizawa-san

The following article was originally posted on Toei’s website December 12th, 2015. The interview has been translated by Twitter user @NohAcro © 2016 Wave Motion Cannon… 725 more words


#0931: Yukio, Viper, & Black Clan Ninjas



It seems hard to believe that the second Wolverine film came out three years ago.  Wedged in between… 1,028 more words