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Rise of the Tail

Yukio was sucking it, and there was nothing Rin could do about it.

About twenty minutes ago Rin had told his brother about his stroking his tail to get off, leading to a conversation about the way he would use his tail for pleasure. 690 more words

**wolverine #1,2,3,4 Limited Series Set**(1982, Marvel)**vf**1st Yukio App!!!**

**wolverine #1,2,3,4 Limited Series Set**(1982, Marvel)**vf**1st Yukio App!!!**
This Sale Is For 1 Wolverine Limited Series Set Issues #1,2,3,4 Published By Marvel Comics In 1982. These 1st Print Comic Books Are All Newsstand Editions In Highly Collectible Grade And Range From Very Fine To Very Fine-. 186 more words


Blue Exorcist Season 2 Series Review


A continuation of Blue Exorcist (reviewed here), the story picks up with pretty much everyone being scared of Rin and Yukio still stressing about everything. 1,136 more words

#93 - Lines from Yukio Mishima

“The highest point at which human life and art meet is in the ordinary. To look down on the ordinary is to despise what you can’t have.

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Lyric Wax

Blue Exorcist Episode 36


The fragmented nature of this show continued this week with Yukio and Todo kind of finishing their fight (though Todo seems pretty unkillable at this point so not really sure if they are really done or not) and then Rin finally did something with his sword. 166 more words

Blue Exorcist Episode 35


Blue Exorcist is a good example of why shows should just try to tell their story and wrap it up. Whether there is a bigger world or other stories that could be explored is neither here nor there because the whole point of stories is to entertain. 349 more words

Blue Exorcist Episode 34


You would think now that they’ve all got their assignments and the battle is on that the excessive group chats would have ended, but Blue Exorcist is very attached to lengthy dialogue at this point. 354 more words