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Basics for Wicca

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? That there is no accidents or that every second of the day was intended to be that way? 385 more words


Sober Day 111

It’s going to be the longest night of the year tonight. I am happy to be sober. Happy to be free.

Sober Days

Happy Full Moon Solstice

Be ye North or be ye South, may you enjoy this full moon night.
Litha here, Yule there, the balance of the wheel goes round. 99 more words

The Longest Night

Yule, or the Winter Solstice, this year astrologically falls at 8.34am EST on Tuesday 21st June. While I would absolutely love to take tomorrow off so I can celebrate at that exact moment in time, I began a new job today and simply can’t. 502 more words

Celebrating The Sabbats

Yule Southern Hemisphere - Litha Northern Hemisphere

Yule blessings to those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, stay safe and warm in these cold wintery days.

Blessed Be!

Also known as Jul, Yuletide, Feill Fionnain, Alban Arthan. 905 more words


Yule in Southern Hemisphere - Litha in Northern Hemisphere

Many Yule blessings to those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, may you be warm and toastie on these cold wet days.

Blessed Be!

The real “12 Days of Christmas”, Yule begins on “Mothers Night” and ends 12 days later on “Yule Night”. 604 more words