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15 February

Yule love it

If you’re taking Christmas seriously, I think it helps to be well-versed in Christmas history: it will let you sort religious elements from secular pastimes, give context to your traditions and may also provide ideas for new family frivolities. 294 more words


Christmas Gifts

As you may remember, this year we set an intent to do a 100% handmade Christmas/Yule. We made this decision in May…so here’s how it went. 262 more words

An inclusive wheel of the year

Some versions of the Wheel of the Year (the eight festivals of Wicca and Druidry) can feel excluding, particularly those that focus on the God and the Goddess interacting through the cycle of the seasons. 1,578 more words


Day 1140 - BPAL's The Magi: Melchoir of Persia

Scent Name:  The Magi: Melchoir of Persia

Manufacturer:  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – Yules 2017

Scent Description and Notes: “Sweet oudh, Bulgarian rose, chamomile, and frankincense… 217 more words


Day 1139 - BPAL's Frostbitten Snake Oil

Review Caveat:  Snake Oil is on of my all-time favorites (outside of Dorian and O), so I have high hopes for this scent.  However, I don’t think I’ve tested Frostbite before, so I’m not really sure how the blend will ultimately smell. 229 more words


J.K. Rowling sees your #BlackHogwarts tweets, and she loves them

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J.K. Rowling sees your #BlackHogwarts tweets, and she loves them

Twitter is a great place for creative, hilarious minds to come together and make us all laugh in spite of everything else going on in the world. 417 more words


Holda Spinning Chant

This is a chant that came to me during my Solstice Meditation this year.   It is in honor of Holda, the Lady of Weaving, whose color is gold, and who leads the procession of the mighty dead during the Winter Nights. 22 more words