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Yule 2017

Yule 2017

By Dean

On Sunday the 18th of June, the Druids of Silver Birch Grove ADF (Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship) hosted a public and inclusive Winter Solstice ritual in collaboration with the PCV. 972 more words


Christmas in the Orient

“‘Maybe Christmas,’ thought the Grinch, ‘doesn’t come from a store.'” – Dr. Seuss

In this short post, I want to share my experiences with the Winter holidays in China. 300 more words


Starting my Druidic Journey: Becoming a Bard

For Yule last year, I was invited to attend a meeting of a local Druidic Grove (a ‘grove’ is what Druids term their gatherings). I was told to bring ‘something that I best like to eat or drink’, and that I could, if I wanted to, prepare something for the Eisteddfod section of the meeting – which is a mini festival of sorts – and that this could be a poem, song, thought, or anything creative and in keeping with the season. 658 more words

Pagan Path

To Early for Yule?

Seeing the craft stores already preparing for the Christmas season has my thoughts turning towards Yule.  I like to hand make decorations and gifts for the season.   187 more words

Gift Ideas


Feel us now, we are the stars
Feel us now, we are the sea
Feel us now as the magic flowing within your heart
We are the wind that kisses the trees… 172 more words


Happy Solstice!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Solstice, and that your celebrations have been filled with joy and peace. <3 We had our Yule Feast tonight, and I thought I’d be ~innovative~ and take a video of the decorations before dinner started. 98 more words

Wheel of the Year

Song: Wheel of the Year
Artist: Moonstruck
Album: Witch of the Wildwoods
Year: 1999

The Wheel of the Year is an Unending Circle, Unending circle, unending circle… 65 more words