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Pizza Hut to Add 14,000 Drivers and New Delivery Algorithm

Pizza Hut said they will hire 14,000 more drivers by the end of 2017 in a bid to make deliveries faster for customers — meaning an extra 3,000 people a month will be employed by the pizza chain. 163 more words


This 'Parks and Recreation' Star Is the New KFC Colonel

Actor Rob Lowe has got a new starring role: he is playing KFC’s famous Colonel Sanders.

The St. Elmo’s Fire and Parks and Recreation star is the eighth celebrity hired to play the brand’s iconic pitchman. 381 more words


Yum Brands CEO: Robots Will Take Over Fast Food Jobs In Next 10 Years

Working in the fast-food industry can be hard work for little pay, and now employees have to worry about their job security as well. Fast food remains popular, but one prominent CEO predicts that within the next decade, more work in fast food restaurants will be taken over by robots. 224 more words

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Starbucks is opening more than a store a day in China and only plans to get faster there

KFC and McDonald’s have spent the better part of the past year getting out of China. The world’s best-known American coffee chain, however, is only getting bigger there. 457 more words

The Best Restaurant Stocks for Dividend Investors

Restaurant stocks can be great investments for dividend investors. In fact, the average American eats at a restaurant 5.8 times a week (which equals an average of $2,600 annually, per person). 1,205 more words


Fast Food Dominance


During my dabbling in the sciences, I’ve learned three important facts: clowns cannot breathe in space, tamales should only be consumed orally, and nature is full of symbiotic relationships. 594 more words