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My Favorite Quick and Easy Recipes for Summertime Eating

Wintery comfort foods will always have a place in my heart (heart you, potato soup!) but the opposite is also true. Summertime food is equally wonderful. 418 more words

My Life


正如之前所說,姐還沒有紅到可以業配的程度 (菸~ 🚬),所以所有餐廳、咖啡廳的介紹樣樣都是誠實食記,不是葉佩雯 (她哪位?!😅)


殘酷的事實就是這樣,我天生就是個泡芙人,以我身高體重來說(173cm/55kg),我的BMI數值、外表身形等等都是相當標準的身材,但我的體脂率卻高達30%以上!!! 也就是說,雖然我身上的肉並不多,但卻都是肥肉~(淚奔~~~~😭)

在還未開始健身運動前,對於體脂這部分並沒有太多想法,很單純的就想說外表看起來「不要太胖」就好了,但等慢慢接觸運動、開始重訓之後,才發現「體脂」才是我最頑固的惡魔對手!! 👿
因為不論重訓多累、運動強度多強,在體指未降下來前,身材看起來真的是一點改變都沒有 (簡而言之就是雖然肌肉增加了,但是外面卻覆蓋一層厚厚的肥肉,根本看不出肌肉線條),這一點讓我非常灰心、也曾一度想放棄 (心裡總是想: X! 老娘每週運動到筋疲力竭不要說六塊肌、連一點點川字線都看不到!!! #$%@*#%……😤)

於是在健身教練的推(ㄧㄡˋ )薦(ㄉㄠˇ)下,我第一次嘗試了NiSORO的熱量調控餐

NiSORO的訂購其實很方便,可以透過官網或是下載它的App來訂餐 (網路的世代真的太棒了!),在註冊為會員後 (懶惰的人也可以跟我一樣直接用Facebook帳號登入),它會送你NT$50的購物金,在第一次訂餐時就可以花光光✨ 21 more words

Gourmet Food


At what point in life are you supposed to have it all figured out? Know exactly what you want to do with your life – with who, when, where and how? 128 more words

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Grandma and me class

Today some little girls came with their honorary grandmothers to craft together and make some gifts for their mums. We made a card, a goodie bag with treats to share and a pretty box to hold a beaded bracelet. 43 more words

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Death by Chocolate 

Just over a week ago Mr M mentioned about his mothers birthday and he needed to get something. The conversation didn’t go much further than that since it wasn’t the main topic, it was that dreaded money topic! 383 more words

Frugal Life

There's a new baby boy in the family!

My cousin’s daughter – our Goddaughter – had a baby boy earlier this year. I sent a selection of some of my all-time favorite children’s books, including of course… 94 more words

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Happy Valentines Day!

Hi friends! I am going to keep it short and sweet tonight with this sweet treat valentines day card!

Honestly I am tuckered out! Today was big storm clean up day, they cancelled school again and try as I might I am not as productive with the kids at home and it looks like we will get another foot of snow tomorrow afternoon! 269 more words