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Peanut butter brownies 

For a few days now I have felt the urge to bake. Well I don’t know whether it was wanting to bake or just eat the wares 😂 186 more words

Home Sweet Home

Cake Time!

This past weekend was great. I celebrated my youngest daughter’s fourth birthday. So much fun and now it’s over. *tears streaming down my face* Every year, for both my girls, I always make their birthday cakes myself. 643 more words

Yummy In My Tummy!

Fail turns around

I had a day of experimentation this week, after trawling the internet for ways to reduce the sugar in cupcakes, cakes and other baked goods, I decided to see what happens when you don’t put sugar in. 357 more words

Frugal Life

Week 1

This week I learnt that when every other supermarket fails, go to Aldi. I visited the supermarket and scoured the reduced sections to find bargains, nothing much :( maybe I’m not going late enough. 484 more words

Frugal Life

#NationalWaffleDay Mmm...mmm...good

Guess what day it is? Yeah! It’s National Waffle Day. Thanks Twitter for letting me know. What’s really funny is, I just bought a waffle maker earlier this week. 313 more words

Yummy In My Tummy!

Cheesy twists

On Friday I had got some puff pastry out for tea to defrost in the end it didn’t get used and stayed in the fridge. It will only last so long in the fridge, knowing I needed to use it I spent all day yesterday and today trying to think of something to make with it, but beside sticking some chopped up vegetables on it and baking a kind of vegetable tart, I was stumped and didn’t fancy that. 157 more words

Home Sweet Home

Summer Smoothies!

This  weeks Sunday-post is one about food again, because let’s be real: we all like food! But in stead of a pack of chips and two chocolate bars I present to you the healthy summer snack: a smoothie! 365 more words