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Banana and Biscoff baked oats

Back in March, I raved about a baked oats recipe I discovered and adapted. I do like to invest a little more time into cooking when I’m at home, and as a Monday off sprung up, I decided to set myself up for the week. 253 more words

Yummy Things

Orchards - urban solutions

I grew up in the metropolitan cities Hong Kong, Sydney and Bangkok so fruit trees at home weren’t the norm. Moving countries and being in huge cities as a child has made me really appreciate space and home gardens so much more. 901 more words


A resolution worth keeping

I’ve made no secret of the resolution Dan and I made way back in January. But there is one thing I keep forgetting to post about. 100 more words

Yummy Things

Surviving the diet: on a budget

It’s been a long time coming, but in the third part of my ‘surviving the diet’ blog series, I’m going to tackle diets on a budget. 490 more words

Yummy Things

Gifts for my kids teachers....

getting ready to give gifts to my kids teaches. Each box will include homemade cookies and a little gift cert….I am trying not to sample the cookies. 34 more words


Duck breast with sticky Chinese style noodles

I like following a recipe. But sometimes I like to get stuck in, experiment and take it back to just tasting for a great flavour. … 179 more words

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Sweet potato and chorizo breakfast pan

Okay, so it’s bank holiday, and while I still want to stick to my points give or take, I always like to make a bit more effort when it comes to breakfast. 203 more words

Yummy Things