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Gifts for my kids teachers....

getting ready to give gifts to my kids teaches. Each box will include homemade cookies and a little gift cert….I am trying not to sample the cookies. 34 more words


Duck breast with sticky Chinese style noodles

I like following a recipe. But sometimes I like to get stuck in, experiment and take it back to just tasting for a great flavour. … 179 more words

Yummy Things

Sweet potato and chorizo breakfast pan

Okay, so it’s bank holiday, and while I still want to stick to my points give or take, I always like to make a bit more effort when it comes to breakfast. 203 more words

Yummy Things

New Recipe a Week - 3 Month Progress

Back in January, me and Dan didn’t make any massive life changing resolutions, because frankly, stuff was going just fine. But we did make a small commitment to mix up our meals by cooking one new recipe every week for 52 weeks. 399 more words

Yummy Things

Carol's heirloom garden

This lady is awesome! She has the most amazing selection of organic heirloom seeds I have ever come across. And costs next to nothing. She also sends out really good advice for what you should do in your garden during this particular period. 96 more words

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Vegan Mushroom Burger

A very quick and easy recipe for one of my favourite lunch or dinner meals.   marinate some mushroom steaks, I use a BBQ marinade, just check that it is vegan if you want your burgers to be vegan.  76 more words

Yummy Things

Awakening? Is there a shift in the way we think, do we question why more and push back more?

I’ve been on a journey recently, it’s what made me start blogging. The questions have been building for many more years than I first imagined and it’s pull keeps getting stronger. 875 more words

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