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An ancient and modern land: exploring cultural heritage in China

I left for China knowing it is both one of the four great ancient civilisations and an advancing modern society. 587 more words

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China: Myth. Busted.

When I received my acceptance email from GLP staff for the Symposium to China last year, I was beyond excited because I had never been to China before. 1,039 more words

Welcome To The Global Leadership Blog!

"Water Rhythm Wumeng, Painting Huize" International Watercolor Plein Air Week

I am happy to announce my participation at the International watercolor plein air week in China, from 2/25/2018 – 3/3/2018. The event takes place in the Yunnan province – the tropical area in southwest of China and the itinerary will include an exhibition, demos, seminars, plein air painting and sightseeing. 18 more words

Plein Air

Shangrila: In progress

China fatigue… It’s when you start to have violent thoughts towards hawkers flocking around you as you exit the bust, it’s when you don’t want to eat Chinese food anymore, it’s when you can no longer control the disgust in your face when people start gargling up pleghm. 399 more words


Tiger leaping gorge: Actual hiking

Hiking in national parks in China so far has been a telling experience of Chinese people and their relationship towards the act of walking… They don’t seem overly keen. 398 more words


Lijiang: F*cking bongos

I’ve been to ancient tourist towns before in China and caught a glimpse of the kind of shops that existed in these places. Shops that all seem to sell the same sort of handicrafts regardless of where you are in the country. 319 more words


Yunnan (雲南) Province Photo Blog (part 3: Shangri-la City 香格里拉市)

Shangri-la City was the last leg of our Yunnan (雲南) Province trip. *cue tears*

I was excited to come here since my mom kept on telling me how nice the place is after she watched a movie that showcased this place back when she was a kid. 588 more words