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Causing a Commotion

In Shanghai and other big cities with a lot of foreigners it takes a lot to be noticed by the locals. We seem to coexist but rarely interact. 136 more words


A Different Perspective

I moved to China knowing it as a country of big cities. My head was filled with skyscrapers, traffic jams, crowds of people. And soon my life reflected those images. 162 more words


Leaf to Plate: Rose Oolong Shortbread

Florals and tea just illustrate, to me, how well our favored drink takes to blending. It virtually says, “bring it on!”

One of the most gorgeous floral teas on the market is rose oolong. 419 more words


What’s Special About Tea from Man Zhuan Mountain

Man Zhuan Mountain in China is famous for its tea, but what’s so special about the teas and the mountain? After all, China has lots of mountains on which tea is grown – some cultivated and some wild. 506 more words

Chinese Tea

Eight New Genera, Thirty New Species of Linyphiid Spider Discovered in China

Scientists from the Institute of Zoology with the Chinese Academy of Sciences have devoted years of their careers to studying the astounding diversity hidden in the depths of the Xishuangbanna tropical rain forests. 174 more words

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