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exploring the fringes of the stone forest {part 2}

Friday, February 13:  After Alex and I emerge from the dense inside of the Major Stone Forest Scenic Area, we head to the perimeter road to retrace our minibus ride on foot.   1,306 more words


an expedition to the stone forest {part 1}

Friday, February 13:  We check out of our hotel early to head to Kunming’s East Bus Station.  I’ve seen big bus stations before,  notably in Istanbul, but this is by far the most sprawling and chaotic bus station I’ve encountered in China.   1,157 more words


Are there really 276 Bamboo species in Yunnan?

I visited Yunnan Province in southern China several times during the first years of this century, when I was helping the local authorities and the UNESCO National Committee of China with the nomination of the Stone Forest near Shilin as a natural World Heritage Area. 879 more words


a flight to kunming & an afternoon at yuantong temple

Thursday, February 12:  At mid-morning, we have a flight from Dali to Kunming that is delayed by nearly an hour.  So far, of all the flights we’ve taken in China, it’s the norm that the plane has departed late, at least by a half-hour.   1,051 more words


TEA REVIEW: Green Tea Guru - 2004 ‘CNNP 7542′ Hong Kong Dry Stored Raw Puerh Cake

Tea and origin: Raw puerh tea from Yunnan province, China
Twitter: @GreenteaguruTea
Facebook: Green Tea Guru
YouTube: Green Tea Guru
Link to CNNP 7542

This puerh is another tea sourced by the  179 more words


a bicycle ride to erhai lake & the three pagodas of dali

Wednesday, February 11:  This is our only day in Dali, and we get a very late start.  First, we sleep in.  I’ve been sick with a cold and cough, and last night I started feeling an earache coming on.   1,429 more words


arrival in dali & a stroll around town

Tuesday, February 10:  At Cato’s Inn in Shaxi, we have our breakfast at the hotel’s detached cafe down the lane.  Afterwards, I print out some of my confirmations for my Myanmar flights and hotels, because I never had time to do it before I left Nanning.   1,064 more words