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Travel Exposé: Yunnan Province (6) Lijiang, The Lovely (1)

Greetings to one and all and an especial welcome if this is your first time visiting “Bajan,” Chinese Style! Here we embark on a journey of jovial memories accentuated by stunning photography and practical tips all focused around one of the most mysterious and ancient nations in the world, China. 795 more words


Pandaw's China landing heralds a new era on the Mekong

Pandaw River Expeditions has become the first Western operator to reach China’s Yunnan Province via the Mekong River, when the RV Champa Pandaw moored at Guanlei this week. 491 more words


Man Kills Parents, 17 Neighbours In China

A man has reportedly killed 17 neighbours, of varying ages, in China, in an attempt to cover up the killing of his parents in an argument. 104 more words


Travel exposé: Yunnan Province (5) Lugu Lake (2 of 2)

Once again, it’s good to see you for this week’s edition of “Bajan,” Chinese Style. If you are in China then you should most certainly already know, but if you aren’t however, here’s a little tidbit of knowledge that you may find useful. 803 more words


A Breath Of Fresh Air In Lijiang

Arriving in Lijiang was a literal breath of fresh air. After three months in Hong Kong I was used to constant air pollution, and it only got worse as I crossed the border into Mainland China. 524 more words


Travel Exposé: Yunnan Province (2) Simply Shangri-La (1)

This weeks issue of “Bajan,” Chinese Style sees us well on our way to exploring the beauty that is Yunnan Province. As we have learnt in last week’s issue, (Refer to Travel Exposé: Yunnan Province (1) ), Yunnan province is not only one of the most bio-diverse areas of China, but also boasts some of the regions most iconic UNESCO world heritage sites and towns. 735 more words


Travel Exposé: Yunnan Province (1)

Welcome back to this week’s issue of “Bajan,” Chinese Style, Travel Exposé. In this weeks exposé we jump right into the heat of things by taking our trip or trip plans to one of China’s most exotic Provinces, Yunnan Province. 712 more words