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It's Time For A High-Low Game...

Following on from my last post, I’ve been keeping quiet, but busy… My short term objective of raising cash was achieved, in spades – while I continued to trim a couple of minor/legacy positions, I was pleasantly surprised by two corporate events in quick succession: 3,016 more words

The Not So Yuppy Life

This week, I’m back to sharing a living space with someone who isn’t in my immediate family. Having spent the summer living at home with the family and the months and years before that in either an air bnb or my own flat, it’s a bit of a shock to the system to go back to co-habitation. 497 more words

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#23 - First World Problems - 9/7/16

You know what really under-blends my Frappuccino?  It’s those who contribute very little and expect everything in the world.

Today I sit at a table in the middle of the cafe, uncomfortably, as I wait for another table closer to an outlet to open up.  739 more words

Recognizing the bubble I'm in

Very often I’m the least educated person in whatever group I’m in. At work I’m surrounded by computer-science PhDs. Among my friends and family, I’m one of the few without a graduate or professional degree. 480 more words


3 Reasons Why Yuppies Should Invest on Real Estate

Metrobank encourages yuppies to invest on items that appreciate in value like property through offering their flexible terms to their clients. Find out more in the article below.  449 more words

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Health Nuts 1992

The thrift store gods have been looking down on me favorably. I found a set of Reader’s Digest Health Encyclopedias for the picking at Cat’s Meow in Essexville, Michigan. 376 more words

1021. beautiful world

In which Devo lay down their overall worldview in three and a half minutes or less. Yes, it’s a Beautiful World, that’s hard to argue. Too bad it sucks. 56 more words

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