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1021. beautiful world

In which Devo lay down their overall worldview in three and a half minutes or less. Yes, it’s a Beautiful World, that’s hard to argue. Too bad it sucks. 56 more words

All Vinyl Apocalypse

Saturday Skating with the gang!

Been busy for a week, so was not able to blog about this

Happy Anniversary to us guys!

It was our first year of being Yuppies! 459 more words

100% Filipino Millenial: How Yuppies Spend

Yuppies. (n) Acronym for Young Professionals. A term used to identify a young professional living enjoying his youth working in a corporate setting or managing their own business. 1,309 more words

Five years ago, a colleague gave me a free pass to some trial yoga classes at a popular gym close to our office. I loved the studio I visited twice a week, and I never saw myself as a “gym person.” Seeing it as an opportunity to practice elsewhere, I was excited to experience the difference.

200 more words

Domesticated Male

The domesticated male’s natural habitat is a 3-4 bedroom house in the suburbs, close to some urban center. He shares his existence with three other main species: the Wife (perceived as very important to his ongoing wellbeing), the Kids (these can range from one to five in number and view him as a plaything/money machine) and of course the Family Pets (usually dogs and/or cats). 346 more words

Spring in Seattle

A couple, walking hand in hand amidst the kaleidoscopic majesty of blooming flora, passionately discussing mutual funds.

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