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My First Home Choice: Camella Masterplanned Communities

Pinoys, nowadays, find it hard to move around the city. I’m not sure if that’s good (sign of progress) or bad (a failed attempt to modernize).  554 more words


Evict the Yuppies

Evict Google.

From this, it’s very apparent from where I’m writing. There’s no point in trying to hide it. My neighborhood, or perhaps this city, is notorious for their campaigns to “evict the yuppies” or stated in plainer, more targeted terms, “evict Google.” Their campaign is characterized by the familiar tags over abandoned buildings and empty spaces. 887 more words

Sarajevo's yuppies: a story of jet fuel coffee and pensive optimism. 

Yuppie ˈjʌpi/ noun informal: a well-paid young middle-class professional who works in a city job and has a luxurious lifestyle. 1980s: elaboration of the acronym from young urban professional. 1,374 more words


You: Sheltered Joe White Suburbanite, Your Avatar: Squeaky-clean pressed starch and tie “Republican” haircut neatly combed informing us all that “you would never walk through a crime ridden neighborhood flaunting your wallet; that’s just common sense”. 550 more words

I'm an Entitled Generation Y Dream-Baby

I’m not a baby boomer, I’m a babied dreamer, according to Tim Urban’s Generation Y(uppie) article. And I’m pretty sure he’s right.

The article explains why I feel entitled to a chance at breaking into the writing world. 576 more words


Para Kanino Ka Bumabangon?

What motivates you in life? What inspires you to get up in the morning and do the things you do? What moves you to go the extra mile? 1,348 more words