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Join the Radwood City Community!

We hosted our first event at CRU Wine Bar (900 Middlefield Rd B, Redwood City, CA 94063) on Friday and it was a blast! About 40 awesome young people living and working in and around Redwood City came by for a Friday night, after-work, pre-Halloween, shindig where we mixed and mingled. 39 more words


Minimalism, materialism, and morality

And now I’m going to finish the post I started writing 6 days ago (lol!)  Please forgive me if it’s a little disjointed or repetitive or something!  1,570 more words


luxury trash

when i was a kid, i didn’t notice many luxury cars. back then, whenever i saw a mercedes or a BMW, it was a minor big deal. 385 more words

Yesterday's Whole Foods shopping trip

This could qualify as a rant, but it’s probably not meaty enough. I’m getting thoroughly disgusted with the place, for reasons old and new, and if Natural Grocers (our neighborhood organic grocery store, which is awesome for so many reasons, which I’ll probably flesh out in a future post) had a fresh meats and fish counter, I’d probably abandon Whole Foods Market altogether. 1,059 more words

Rants / Criticism


Disclaimer: This is a general comment and not directed at any individual. What I’m saying below is admittedly a generalization, but I believe it is also a fair one if you look at the facts and data. 1,811 more words


Yuppie Yammer

In a suit all pressed and starched
A man walks in, hot and parched
High heels click the marble floor
He’s been through that door before. 215 more words