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Lunch at your late twenties

I had lunch today with my girlfriends.. I knew them way back when we we’re 12. A bond created by a competition we joined (and lost) when we were in fifth grade. 725 more words


Preregistration - A Harmless Word, or a Blight Upon the English Language? You Decide.

So I’m driving home from the theatre (I seen Shawn the Sheep with Quinnchild, I highly recommend it. Riveting!) And I must’ve seen the word “register” or “registration” on a sign somewheres. 440 more words

Topic Not About Brain Injury

The Decay of a Dream

It wasn’t just sex, drugs, and rock and roll.  It was more importantly do your own thing, peace, and love.  We read Ralph Waldo Emerson and Thoreau who taught us to be our own person regardless of status, style, or what other people said we should be or do.   427 more words


The Yuppification of Redwood City

I’ve always viewed Redwood City as the melting pot of the Peninsula Bay Area and have been blessed to have grown up in such a great community.  952 more words

Letter #14: Letter to Yuppies Everywhere

To the Yuppies,

There is a balance. Between pouring yourself into your work. And between living life like you only live once (putting YOLO here makes it redundant). 189 more words

Letters For 2015

Jason the Construction Guy: Police Violence in Washington

“The world is turning into a population of scumbags,” said Jason Hunt, our ride out of Seattle. “These mountains used to be full of cougars and deer. 867 more words


StAPPable worries

By: Colleen Siglos

We all have that kind of day which is characterized by continual activity and haste, the lack of any time to rest or relax, a sense of things barely under control, and a great deal of usually disorganized activity. 421 more words

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