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Spring in Seattle

A couple, walking hand in hand amidst the kaleidoscopic majesty of blooming flora, passionately discussing mutual funds.

On Stuff And Sundry

Driving into the abyss

Mental health… an issue within the borders of the dreaded U.K. Nobody immune to it, the crisis- an existential one – in England’s mental health can be put into one simple sentence: The state of the nation and its owners. 955 more words



There is a fine line between the thriller and horror genres, which film fans have been debating for decades. My personal definition has to do with mathematics – a thriller will follow a clear path of reason and logic, no matter how muddled it gets; while horror is the destruction of logic. 593 more words


On Being Generation X

I’ve started writing small tidbits on Medium. Here’s something I’ve just published, on what it means to be Generation X today.

One of my favorite novels from my 20’s was Douglas Coupland’s ‘Generation X.’ A literary reality show chronicling the lives of 20-somethings in and around LA in the 90’s, he (re-)re-popularized the term… 70 more words

Published Writing

air quotes, scare quotes

air quotes

(1990’s | journalese?)

I often consider, usually without any definite result, how verbal expressions can make their way from non-existence to prevalence in a few short decades. 880 more words


A bit of dirt under your nails may be all you need to shine

A couple in my village local were lamenting last night how all the land around the barns of their small-holding is clay for the first three feet down. 895 more words

Post 012b

Yuppies often go in groups, huddling to maintain a comfortable company. These yuppies are out for lunch at a casual dining restaurant nearby.

Photo by Wata Dugayo