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corrupted by the east coast

“You haven’t been tainted yet by DC?” says Dakota, directing the question toward the group, none of whom are from DC (is anyone really?), and only half of which are native East-Coasters, “Or corrupted? 736 more words


Sergio Massa, July 28, 2008


The first perceptible consequences of the government’s slip at the congress was the end of Alberto Fernandez in the post of chief of cabinet and his replacement by the young mayor of Tigre. 226 more words


5 Things Yuppies Should Consider Before Quitting Their Job to Start Their Own Business

Gone are the days when a desire to have your own clothing line is just a mere dream you would pursue once you get your retirement pay or when someone is willing to sponsor most of the capital you need. 532 more words

Painting, talking, listening and so forth

Spent the day with my friend going through comics, listening to 90s hip hop and shooting some video. Then went for a paint. We talked about mid 90s pieces primarily, the focus was to get those kind of surreal comic book styles up for a while. 466 more words

The hippies got it right

If you’re old enough to remember the 1960s, you remember the hippies and the whole peace-and-love vibe that permeated their subculture. Do you remember Woodstock and Jimi Hendrix? 409 more words

More Is Not Better

See The Pretty Professional

See the pretty professional
Taking off her crown
See the pretty professional
Sitting on her own
See the pretty professional
Dripping thoughts onto the page… 43 more words


How will the West Village development effect Boundary Street?

A little video piece I did about the West Village residential development on Boundary street in West End. Goes really well with a similar radio piece… 25 more words