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Moonshine Greenberg and The Bad Acid Trip

Little Marcie Greenberg, a nice little girl from Queens
Her hometown didn’t have enough for her big city dreams
She hopped into a flowered van that said ‘Death before disco!’ 270 more words


How Adulthood Looks Like

You had less than 4hrs of sleep. You’ve got deadlines. On a Monday. Your schedule for the upcoming days comes to you like a hurricane. 103 more words


playing hardball with a soft one

i awoke after taking an elbow to the head from the little pipsqueak who had once again conned her way into our bed at some point during the night without me noticing. 852 more words




Triple Dee


an early light on

dark South Glendale until jazz,


yuppies and taco-stands made

a complete street out of Lee

Hansley’s locale. 130 more words


Why I Left Crossfit

I’m pretty positive that there are three types of people who are reading this article right now:

1. People who are obsessed with crossfit and for some unknown reason still continue to google things like “why I left crossfit” and leave nasty comments in support of crossfit… 2,012 more words

One generation cometh and another generation breaketh their toys

Advertisers, marketers, politicians and career criminals spend a lot of time figuring out what each American generation is doing and what they want.

For those who are interested, there is a Website for marketers called… 1,171 more words


Tattoos and Professionals

While I do have tattoos and long ago had piercings, I have never suffered discrimination for having them; still, I know that many professionals either have to hide them (by them I mean any kind of body mod) or fail at their profession. 437 more words

Human Behaviour