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Whispered Words and Writing Female Love as a Man

I just got volumes two and three of “Whispered Words” by Takashi Ikeda today.

I really, really liked volume one.

It’s the first yuri manga I’ve read that was written by a man, and it’s actually better than some I’ve read by women. 259 more words

Comic Books

Voyages of the Cerberus episode 31: Game of Deception

“Found something odd,” Grace stated.

“What is it?” Ophelia asked, moving over to her.

“There have been a bunch of transmissions from different locations at seemingly random times to the Geralt family,” Grace said. 826 more words



Love Contract ( Full House Kyuri Version ) Part 12

Romance, Hurt, Married Life

Cho Kyuhyun || Kwon Yuri|| Seo Joo Hyun||Choi Minho

Author : She_ze… 3,726 more words


Chapter 18 – ‘This tip,’

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                Tomorrow came, and Lilly had a feeling she wanted it to end early.

                But there was still a whole school day to deal with. 3,817 more words

Shoujo Ai

Kannazuki no Miko: Overview

Honestly, I don’t even know if I should call Kannazuki no Miko a “modern classic”, “cult classic”, or just plain “classic”, and difficulties in describing it briefly go well past that. 824 more words


I’m SUHO For You(chapter 3)

I’m SUHO For You(Sequel LAST)

semua yang ia miliki akan ia berikan pada suaminya kelak, yang 3 hari lagi akan menjadi suaminya. tapi semua itu hancur saat seseorang mengambil sesuatu berharga pada diri yuri. 2,169 more words


Yuri II

To be continue…

Qué es peor que tener un novio celoso?     …              tener una amiga celosa.

Pues si, tal como lo oyen, después de tener sus problemas en una reunión de ELF (Chicas que les gusta Super Junior) que fui con una conocida, que después se convirtió en mi amiga en la clase de coreano (si, yo estudio coreano, francés y sé inglés y mi lengua materna es el español) estábamos pasándola de lo bien hasta que me contó que invito a una amiga de ella que es nueva pero adora a Super Junior, yo me quede como; 393 more words

Película Mal Contada (Saga)