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"Stand By"

I’ll stand by you
And wait for you
On another side of your dream
Until you touch and kiss me
And I cease to ream this void. 9 more words


It was that scent in the secluded sentence –
I was sentenced since the very birth
To paint and write,
And love this secernent sentience.


"Meaning Of The Feeling"

Nothing has no meaning
In this callous world
Except this Feeling.



“Is it my fault that I want to belong to your ink,
Sliding on every line, washing myself in your ink pours.
Rolling in it when I want to, 57 more words

"Ugly Drake"

He would prefer to be an ugly drake
And cast-away
Where in the darkness
They bully real beauties
Calling them bullshits –
He goes his own way where the beauties… 12 more words

"His Wind In Head"

There’s a wind in head –
Hilarious and haemathermous –
Under his haptic hat.

13signs 7 more words

Deception And Reflection

Your words can come through me
And make me draw you
Far from you look in real
But as your words reflect you
As I wish to be – 15 more words