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"Chemistry Mysterial"

“…this chemistry’s mysterial, it spells and mists and mixes colors for new wavy bonds, and changes matters…”


"Casual Acquaintances"

“…was a casual acquaintance at a casual place, she couldn’t know he noticed her to draw on a casual day; were they casual and was it real, himself he asked…” 6 more words

"Moon In Bed"

“…moon lightly stepped into his narrow elbowroom; “I can’t sleep out, only your unanchored bed,” she casually said and smoothly laid her argent head; he gently ironed puckered blanket on her dormant corset and let her drift while he was lamping lull sonnets…” 8 more words

"The loving letters"

“…they wrote loving letters to him from different places and at different times and didn’t sign them; he guessed they were all from one…”

Певно в тобі дві чи більше, 6 more words

"Thinking Dark"

“…I’m thinking now dark, it’s not so fearsome to some; the light longs always to the dark to love…”

13signs 6 more words

"Lost Memories"

“…some faces are lost in memories for ever though they appear now and then in dark of drawing rooms as rare guests, and were radiant unwithered flowers in a vase…” 6 more words