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"Karaoke Love"

It was a festive night,
We were in karaoke bar
And drunk,
You heard me sing
And kissed me
For the song.

– Was I drunk? 44 more words

"Love Of Mine"

You loved my art
But didn’t me –
You don’t even know
What it is –
A love of mine.


"Times Of Falling"

This time
I don’t want to fail
When I fall in love again
And for the last time.

I’d rather quit soon,
Another autumn’s near – 26 more words

"Jealous Of Herself"

He was drawing her in mind
But could not say –
And she was jealous of herself.

13signs 7 more words

"Serious & Ridiculous"

My love was serious,
I was ridiculous –
And I’m still delirious.

From “Stupid Thoughts & Beautiful Feelings”


"A Yellow Star"

The star was yellow and low and touched her face, her elbows and lows.

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