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"With No Time Defined"

This world had greatly changed
And almost forgotten
What was before –
It doesn’t have the time,
As if it stopped or disappeared many days ago… 15 more words


"Romantics Of Nature"

Romantics were they,
Genuine in genes,
Borne and fashioned with the nature –
Poets, artists, ancestors of love.

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"Velocity Of Love"

She was commuting to the dripping light
Accelerating to him,
Blithe flux of blooming flower
To consummate the mutual vibrations there up
On the velocity of love. 7 more words

"Genesis Of A Woman"

Genesis of the life had started with genesis of a woman –
No man could yet disprove it
For she is fruiting him.

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If I had never loved
I would have never done, have never known
What I had to fail.


"By Love By Nature"

May seem, be wrong or wry, and be of beauty
Be explained by nature and justified by love.