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"Go On, Simplicity"

“…go on, Simplicity and ring the bells
to my Complexity,
and make a belly dance to me,
for I shall paint ambrosial movements,
yours to night…”


"To Wednesday From Tuesday"

“…trees are friends, nearby in thoughts and almost in days –
I was Tuesday, he was Wednesday –
‘Come on on Wednesday’ – he used to say – 161 more words

"Sweet Rhymes"

“…sweet rhymes they heard but never saw each other; sweet dreams in their own hemispheres…”

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"Love Leaks"

“…love leaks, some lovely, some unknown, to each one’s own in one’s own time…”


"A Slave Of Love"

“…’cause when it falls on us we all become the slaves…”

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"The Canterville Peace"

“…she walked along a street and saw a portrait and a sign on a wall, she paused to read –

“When a golden girl can win… 46 more words