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"Sentenced Sentences"

“…those sentences had been sentenced long before they were sent to someone’s set in an enclosed frame; each sentence then assumed its fatal sense within a whole one, spelled and unclosed to some…” 6 more words

"It takes to blossom..."

“…for who it comes it takes to blossom in a night…”

13signs 6 more words

"Obsessed And Possessed"

“…when one’s obsessed and when another one’s possessed, and that can be for ever if they think they’ll never meet; they choose to be, to be obsessed, to be possessed in hope they will meet one time…”


"A Leaking"

“…was as a morphing pen into her soft depression, she was enjoying how it leaked…”


"Wavy Tub"

“…she hearkened to a wavy sound in her tub, it caressed her, she responded and cuddled to him…”



“…what would happen if she went over very casually, smiling, and asked him to marry her? Or run off with her to Italy? Would he stare at her blankly, or would he, possibly, conceivably smile and say, 22 more words