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Life drawing, looking, seeing, understanding

There are life classes available all over the country offering a variety of different models, environments, coffee, style, method and music.

What is it you are looking for?Are you looking carefully? 83 more words


Fun times in Wales!- Blog 13

Hey everyone,

I’m now back from Wales and I had a great time! I got to see my grandma and all my cousins and aunties and uncles- in total there were 14 of us! 268 more words

what muscles look like

The heat here has been, frankly, unbearable.  Having to be out in it for about four, scattered, and ever so slightly back breaking hours a day has been something I decided to view as Training, like for a marathon.  866 more words

Life Now

Thursday Doors: It's More Than A Tent

When is a tent more than just a tent?  When it’s a yurt.

While hiking on one of Toronto’s urban trails a few months ago, Helen and I discovered a yurt at the popular Evergreen Brick Works.   327 more words

Random Stuff

Bullard Beach Escape

Escape is exactly what we did. The weather forecast warned that records would surely break as we packed up and fled the unseasonably warm temperatures of Southern Oregon. 346 more words


Sain baina uu?

Respiratory illness. Delightful food. Diarrhea. Woods, mountains, and steppes. Slow and sometimes lack of wifi. New friends. Cold showers or no showers. Naadam festival. Frostbite… 850 more words