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Mongolian yurts (ger)

Today’s blog post will be about Mongolian ger – or yurts – which literally simply means home . The term yurt is of Turkic origin and originally only referred to the mark on the ground left behind by a yurt that has been moved elsewhere and by extension to a person’s homeland and clan. 153 more words

Update Aluminum Can

I did a great deal of cleaning and hauling away debris attached to the Alum Can. Stapled the screen to the skirting and tomorrow will check again for any exposed holes inside or out. 54 more words


Is it Time for a Workation?

Here at the Savage River Lodge, we believe that a change in scenery can make all the difference in your life, both personally and professionally. We strongly believe that fresh air equals fresh ideas, and embrace the idea of taking a “workation”. 491 more words

Being Green

Off the Beaten Path Overland Travels in Mongolia

Meet the latest traveller in our series Interviews on Off the Radar Travel Destinations! Last week we spoke to Shilpa Balakrishnan from The Satori Saga… 775 more words


Camping fees increasing at Michigan State Parks

By Howard Meyerson

The camping season still is some months away — unless you’re a die-hard, that is, or plan to spend a week in the Everglades. 843 more words

new adventures

i have just picked dates for some close to home and far away adventures.  i would love to spend the day or the week with you.  34 more words

Talent Thursday-sshh...

I am so excited about this post! You may remember that I wrote a post about yurts a while ago. Well, the lovely Georgina from sshh.. 495 more words