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Sadako 3D - Review

I’m not a fan of the Ring films (that also includes the original by Hideo Nakata) but to see that in Japan, a 3D film had been made with the source – the only thing that I could ever expect it to be was something so stupid from start to finish but with that set in motion, I would at least hope for something to enjoy amidst the stupidity. 838 more words

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VA - The Dead Bullfighters [MND033]

New Minuendo various artists, after years ago Deymare & Satore are back. Finnish artist Deymare show with two deep fresh tracks called ”Meditation” and ”Rise”, while Yusuke Yamamoto makes his debut for the label.



Ouran High School (Drama)

Haruhi was just looking for a quiet place to study when she stumbled into Music Room #3 and knocked over the vase worth millions of yen. 81 more words


Atashinchi no Danshi

Chisato lives as a homeless person to avoid the money collectors her dad owes. As much as she wants to pummel him for making her a co-signer without telling her, he ran away and can’t be found. 112 more words