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Midnight Rainbow

Traveler’s guide to the million star,
Stretch fast, steady at far.
For none would dwell the deeper reign
The cold serene where life displays.
And yon the days and nights of yore… 109 more words


Feel and Conquer

Empty pain that leave soul blind,
There what colors would come to find?
And if too feel, conquered and lost.
Always behind the shadows it cost. 50 more words



Worldwide illustration 10

As a professional digital artist, Yuumei outdone herself in creating a world filled with light in many different aspects. Her arts glimmers like the finest crystals under the sea that still shine brightly even in the darkness. 32 more words


Fisheye Placebo

Technology is the tool. It gives power to the people, and gives power to control the people. For those born into this struggle,  the life of a hacker is a constant choice of Strategy and Tactics.  142 more words


Boundless by Yuumei

From the depth of the ocean

To the limitless sky

Open a book, open your mind

This world is boundless

So let your imagination fly…

112 more words

Where I'm From

So I was in the middle of updating my “Who am I?” section today and in the middle of describing myself, I suddenly felt compelled to describe…the old me. 529 more words