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Katorina-sensei and the cult of yuumei

Happy Sunday from a rainy/muggy Tokyo one and all! The cherry blossoms are at their peak, dressing the trees like bridesmaids and showering the streets like confetti: Tokyo is thus transformed into what could be a truly sensational city-wide wedding venue. 1,210 more words


Girl in Wasteland... - Another Delightful Illustration

“Better Tomorrow” by Yuumei

Here down is another illustration by this great Chinese artist: Yuumei.

I post it in vertical position for evident reasons of format: 37 more words

Illustration And Graphic Design

Girl in Wonderland - A Delightful Illustration

“Boundless” by Yuumei

Just look at it and get stunned. It’s drawn by a Chinese person of great talent, and I’m lost for words to express my admiration toward her (or perhaps him). 183 more words

Illustration And Graphic Design



The art and ramblings of a disillusioned idealist, Yuumei.

Yuumei (幽冥 or 幽明) means light and darkness, strange and deep, hades, and semidarkness. Not to be confused with yuumei (有名) which ironically means famous. 419 more words

Art And Artist

Midnight Rainbow

Traveler’s guide to the million star,
Stretch fast, steady at far.
For none would dwell the deeper reign
The cold serene where life displays.
And yon the days and nights of yore… 109 more words


Feel and Conquer

Empty pain that leave soul blind,
There what colors would come to find?
And if too feel, conquered and lost.
Always behind the shadows it cost. 50 more words



Worldwide illustration 11

As a professional digital artist, Yuumei outdone herself in creating a world filled with light in many different aspects. Her arts glimmers like the finest crystals under the sea that still shine brightly even in the darkness. 34 more words