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The End of the Tunnel: Breaking the Gaza Impass

As Israel is showered with rockets and its southern towns are threatened with assault tunnels, the war in Gaza escalates by the day. A premature ceasefire, however, may be only the prelude for a more devastating round in one year or so. 1,065 more words

Israeli Palestinian Conflict

How Politics and Lies Triggered an Unintended War in Gaza – Forward.com

I don’t normally post on the Mid-East, but given the current events, a few articles worth reading which may have escaped attention, including the Government’s. 1,495 more words


The Gatekeepers

Name:       The Gatekeepers

Director:   Dror Moreh

Year:          2012

Rating:      5 Stars

This was a good one. I love military and intelligence stuff. I also have a soft spot for Israeli-Film, which usually features military and intelligence stuff. 455 more words

5 Stars

Not everyone's buying Israel PM's worries about Iran nuclear accord

After the historic six-month peace deal of sorts between Iran and the P5+1 (the US, Britain, France, Russia, China, and Germany), Israel is not witnessing too many vocal oppositions to the pact within the country, according to various reports. 209 more words


Yuval Diskin on the one-state solution for Israel/Palestine

If you read the journalism on the Arab/Israeli conflict on the pro-Israeli side from, say, twenty, twenty-five or thirty years ago, you’ll find writers deriding as insane the idea of a… 863 more words


Yuval Diskin - Tomorrow There Will Be No More Two-State Solution—and Then What?

Tomorrow There Will Be No More Two-State Solution—and Then What?

Ex-Shin Bet head Yuval Diskin warns that Israel’s leaders appear to be dangerously detached from reality… 3,264 more words


Blu-Ray Review: The Gatekeepers a Sobering Look into Israel-Palestine Conflict

An insightful documentary that briefly touches major political moments in the busy and conflicted history of hostility between Israel and Palestine, The Gatekeepers offers a refreshing perspective through the eyes of six men, each of them the head of Israel’s top intelligence agency Shin Bet throughout the past decades. 545 more words

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