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The End of the Tunnel: Breaking the Gaza Impass

As Israel is showered with rockets and its southern towns are threatened with assault tunnels, the war in Gaza escalates by the day. A premature ceasefire, however, may be only the prelude for a more devastating round in one year or so. 1,065 more words

Israeli Palestinian Conflict

How Politics and Lies Triggered an Unintended War in Gaza – Forward.com

I don’t normally post on the Mid-East, but given the current events, a few articles worth reading which may have escaped attention, including the Government’s. 1,495 more words


The Gatekeepers

Name:       The Gatekeepers

Director:   Dror Moreh

Year:          2012

Rating:      5 Stars

This was a good one. I love military and intelligence stuff. I also have a soft spot for Israeli-Film, which usually features military and intelligence stuff. 455 more words

5 Stars