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Burgers: Blend 75002

Blend is a burger joint serving up fluffy brioche buns, beef by artisan butcher Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec and frites maison. 150 more words



I’m no huge lover of red meat, but I’ve got to admit that the recipe and video for araignées in Le Monde this weekend made my mouth water. 333 more words


Yorkshire Beef Rules OK (including in Paris)

A little snippet of mine published in FT Weekend on Bastille Day – an irresistible story for me, a rosbif born and raised in Yorkshire, now resident in France… 391 more words


Blend, mon jean et moi

INFIDÉLITÉ. Voila un mot que mon cher et tendre jean n’aime à entendre. Surtout depuis qu’une dégustation quelque peu excessive d’hamburgers Outre Atlantique est venue jouer les trublions, reléguant le-dit pantalon fétiche au placard. 413 more words

* Restaurants Et Leurs Accompagnements

Morceaux de choix

I loved this article in the New York Times by Glenn Collins.. (http://dinersjournal.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/11/02/battle-of-the-butchers/?scp=1&sq=meat%20cutting&st=cse.) It might seem trivial to many but I always thought it was a major cultural difference: The Americans and The French do not cut the meat the same way! 208 more words

Street Food Soirées in Paris

Drawing by Philippe Neumager

M.I.A.M, a free urban magazine, is organising a series of “Street Food” soirées all throughout the summer with some of Paris’s most renowned chefs serving their renditions of “la cuisine de la rue”.  174 more words