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Many entrepreneurs and business leaders are never happy. There is always something else to do. Always something new to perfect. Always a new disruption just around the corner likely to turn everything upside down. 745 more words


Plan, dream, plan

As a person who loves outdoor recreation, I have quite a few personal trips under my belt, on top of all the courses I’ve led as an instructor for Outward Bound. 395 more words


Alvin Hoy Goeser

Fun facts about the rider

  1. Alvin has been wearing Patagonia clothing since 1989 and has saved boxes of catalogs. His wardrobe is almost exclusively Patagonia and he still rocks some of his older fashions.
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It's Time!

“Each of us in our own way, gotta do something to save your soul. Whatever that is.”
~Yvon Chouinard

Since coming off the water at the end of September, the desire to return to the wind and waves has grown ever increasingly by the day. 401 more words

Quote of the Day

The more you know, the less you need. I’ve been fishing, fly fishing, with one fly—I mean one type of fly in different sizes—and I’ve limited myself to that for a whole year, and I’ve caught more fish than I’ve ever caught in my life.

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Quote Of The Day

Kispiox Dinner

Jed showed up to fish one morning and before we hit the road, he handed me a single, perfect matsutake mushroom. I stashed it in my pocket, and from time to time throughout the day, I’d catch whiffs of the unique scent–a mix of pine trees, cinnamon and something earthy and mushroom-y. 249 more words

Wild Food

Profit and/or Purpose? – Interview with Venture Capitalist and Social Activist David Batstone

David Batstone is not one to be easily typecast.  As you learn more about David you might get a bit perplexed not only by the uncounted, very public projects in which he plays a leading role or the multitude of positions he holds but by their often different, seemingly opposing character: theology scholar, journalists, venture capitalist, ethics professor, businessman, human rights activist… 489 more words

4 - Behold! - The Product As Manifestation