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Admin Post!

Hey! Started this blog for recommendations in my local area. And travels! Hence the name, “Edible Destination.” To start this on the right foot, here’s 8 facts about me: admin of ‘Edible Destinations': 50 more words


Hometown Heartache: Part 2

Part 1

About Calgary:

I sometimes hear complaints about how living in a big city is a lot better. And maybe that’s true. But personally? After you’re there a year and you’ve been able to take in all the sites and do all the cool things in the big city… All you really have left is a congested hellhole full of assholes where it takes 45 minutes to get anywhere, your living costs are considerably more and life goes by faster.  37 more words

Suburban office market to weather 2015 economic woes

Source: Calgary Herald

The Beltline and Suburban markets enjoy less direct exposure to commodity volatility than Downtown due to the broader mix of tenants and industries occupying space in these areas. 33 more words

Real Estate

A designers kitchen

As a someone who spends their time designing other peoples kitchens it is often a challenge to design my own.  I looked over the drawings again and again trying to perfect the layout to suit my family’s lifestyle. 160 more words

Calgary Home And Garden Show

Western Canada Fashion Week

Hey everybody please be sure to check out Western Canada Fashion Week! I am going to be taking photos and covering the event that is happening at the end of March from the 26th to the 4th of April. 28 more words