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Z-order in top-down 2d games

This tutorial is language agnostic. It doesn’t contain implementation, because it may differ a lot between different languages or frameworks. Ideas themselves are what’s the most important, I think. 596 more words


Solving Firefox "window sent to back" when opening new window

Since I’ve had Firefox on my Windows 7 machine, I’ve noticed that with certain websites when you open a new window, it will be opened, but then moved behind the current window. 136 more words


Tiling an image background in an iOS application

To change the background image of an iOS application, one of the simplest methods is to add a UIImageView component onto the application, set its Image property and then send the UIImageView to the… 112 more words


Changing the z-order on components in Xcode

When you’ve added components into the interface builder in Xcode for an iOS application, you sometimes want to change the z-order and make components go to the top of the back. 56 more words


Sorting and setting Z-Order

Sometimes you have display objects moving in and out of Z-order while they were tweening or moving around.
I needed to fix the z-order for a rotating carousel of images called “image1” through “image7” 84 more words

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Bring something displayed to theĀ front

Bringing something to the front is often necessary (like a Popup window)

    //Maybe a constructor function
    var _someMovieClip = new someMovieClip();
    _someMovieClip.name = "someMovieClipName";

... 49 more words
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JavaFX - Z-order of Nodes

Z-order is an ordering of overlapping two-dimensional objects, such as windows in a graphical user interface (GUI) or shapes in a vector graphics editor. One of the features of a typical GUI is that windows may overlap, so that one window hides part or all of another. 280 more words