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Work Zeast ST1 on a Fairlady

Courtesy of AP Garage in Osaka and Work Wheels Japan we have this beautiful Fairlady Z (350Z) sitting on Bronze Zeast ST1 3 Piece Wheels. Let us know what you think, we can have a similar set available in only 8 weeks!

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The VQ35DE

This strong VQ engine never disappoints me when it comes to power. Although this car is not putting down power as much as force induction cars, this car surprisingly performs out well on the tracks. 151 more words

Wing End Plates Concept

When it comes to end plates, many people consider end plates as aesthetic factors only. They don’t care the functions of it or they don’t even know what the end plates are for. 876 more words

What Categorizes Me as Car Enthusiast

When I define myself as a car enthusiast, what’s it actually mean to be enthusiast? I say just an enthusiast definition itself is too broad. It needs to be more specific. 2,178 more words

Shop Happenings

The shop was super busy in the month of February, here is some shots of a few things that went on.

350z FormulaD proam rollcage. 29 more words

This might not be the best idea but yeah…



Featured Product: Seibon Carbon Engine Cover for 2002-2005 Nissan 350Z


Seibon Carbon’s engine cover for the 2002-2005 Nissan 350Z takes the Fairlady’s engine bay from standard to striking. 121 more words

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