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Dax Shepard Can’t Tell The Difference Between He & Zach Braff Either

Dax can’t tell “who went where” in his face swap with doppelgänger Zach Braff.

This video is from CONAN with Conan O’Brien.
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“Alex, Inc.”: A throwback to family comedy with a modern twist

(Image: http://abc.go.com/shows/alex-inc)

The new comedy starring Zach Braff about a father and husband who decides to quit his job to start a podcast business. The comedy is based on “StartUp” from Gimlet Media, which is a successful documentary podcast about entrepreneurial life. 575 more words

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Alex, Inc Review

Alex, Inc is a sitcom that started 28th March 2018. Three episodes have aired so far. 434 more words

Garden State

Zach Braff wrote the script for Garden State when he was still in college. He described that “When I wrote Garden State, I was completely depressed, waiting tables and lonesome as I’ve ever been in my life. 238 more words


Dax Shepard's “Armchair Expert” episode 11 out now; Guest starring Zach Braff

Even though its not horror related most of us are very familiar with Zach Braff and Dax Shepard. Many don’t know that Shepard has a podcast called ARMCHAIR EXPERT and on his latest episode he with guest Zach Braff tackle topics ranging from identity to a “Shaun of The Dead” moment. 339 more words

Horror News

TV Review: 'Alex, Inc.' Starring Zach Braff

A sitcom about a guy who podcasts seems like a randomly generated punchline to a joke about media in 2018 — perhaps like one of the white cards in the game Cards Against Humanity, a phrase just waiting to fit the blank space of a setup. 668 more words


ABC's Alex, Inc. Premiere: Grade It!

Zach Braff ain’t no scrub in his return to primetime.

Alex, Inc., a new family comedy which debuted on Wednesday, is based on the life of 525 more words