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Cast Catch-Up: 'Friday Night Lights'

Friday Night Lights had arguably one of the most fantastic ensemble casts of all time. In addition, the FNL cast was HUGE. It would take forever and a half to actually catch up with all of the actors that ever had an impact on the show because there were just so many of them. 734 more words


Answers to Nothing review trailer

Movies that have storylines that crash through each other are not only produced in LA, but the city does seem to be well suited to them because it’s one of the only places where strangers are not likely to have much to do with each other, therefore the theory of six degrees of separation is a bit more intriguing. 444 more words

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5 Reasons Why Danny Warren is the Best Part of ABC's "The Family"


Deliciously dark with more twists and turns than a mountain road, ABC’s The Family has become my spring television addiction this year. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the show, it centers on the high-profile, politically-charged Warren family who’s lives are turned upside down when youngest family member Adam suddenly reappears after disappearing almost a decade ago. 851 more words


Movie Ramblings: The Purge - Anarchy

The follow up to The Purge starts 1 year after first film with the date explicitly stated but we aren’t entirely sure why this matters. After all, the only links between the 2 films are the concept of the Purge and one character who makes a very brief appearance here. 995 more words


How Well Do You Know The Family?

The Family is a new show on ABC about a family dealing with the disappearance of their son. He returns 10 years later and the mystery continues. 33 more words


TV Review: "The Family" (2016 -) ★★★★

After writing the screenplay for ABC’s “Scandal”, “Flesh and Blood” and “Grey’s Anatomy”, Jenna Bans comes forward as the creator of quite an interesting series, “The Family” starring Joan Allen as the lead actress. 498 more words

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