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Naboo Withdrawing From the Republic

GNN reporters me with the Queen of Naboo who made a startling announcement.

Queen Talani Sage of Naboo invited GNN for a special announcement as to the status of her planet.

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Interview with Galactic Emperor Kulith Laan

A reporter of Galactic News ran an interview with the Emperor Kulith Laan about the situation in Tython.

Kuat: The Emperor Kulith Laan gave an rare open door of the Imperial Intelligence Bureau to outsiders as he gave the reason of the capture of the Republic world of Tython.

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Tython Updates After Imperial Take Over

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide spoke with Tython Senator Saphhire Tafo and also received a Tython update from Imperial news.

After her debate on Rori, Senator Sapphire Tafo, who was present by holographic projector since she’s still located somewhere on Tython, was able to answer a few questions before ending the transmission.

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Tython Fall to the Galactic Empire

Galactic News gather information from the Tython local news network about to fall to the Empire.

Tython, a planet of the New Republic is going to fall to the Galactic Empire.

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Master Solo controvert Governor Rodchester's Jedi Political Power in Tython

Galactic News was invited by Master Marsh Solo which commented on the latest announcement from the Governor of Tython Zach Rodchester.

Jedi Master Marsh Solo, council member of the New Jedi Order (NJO) commented on the announcement made by Tython Governor Zach Rodchester.

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Tython governor Rodchester announce Jedi privileges removal

The governor Zach Rodchest of Tython held a public conference.

In the temple of the New Jedi Order, Zach Rodchester the governor of Tython held a press conference to address some of the issue between the government and the Jedi.

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Ta'kara Darkmoon funeral watch in Coruscant

Reporters of Galactic News observed the ceremony in honour of Ta’kara Darkmoon in the front of the Senate of Coruscant.

A large crowd gathered in front of the Galactic Senate building on Coruscant for the burial of Ta’kara Darkmoon, Vice Chancellor of the New Republic and Governor of Bengat.

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