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Edwards' Super Bowl Prediction

The Super Bowl has arrived and you’ve made it almost two weeks without any football. The depths of winter is upon us and Lady Gaga will soon serenade us at halftime. 1,055 more words


E is for Emma. Even More.

Finishing up the picture batch of WWE womens wrestler Emma.


Surprise Heel Turn

I would love to see Zach Ryder turn heel. He’s been around for what? 10 years? In that time, as far as I can recall Ryder has never had a real push. 237 more words


NXT - May 4th

NXT is the shining star of sports entertainment due, mainly, to it’s simple storytelling and impressive matches. Everyone on the roster can do the basics extremely well and can write a good story in the ring. 568 more words


WrestleMania 32 Analysis and Predictions (part 2 of 3)

Part two of this three-part series about WrestleMania 31 will feature the matches in the mid-card.  You never know what you are going to get from the mid-card at WrestleMania, but you can be assured that the performers are going to give 100% in an attempt to forge an unforgettable “WrestleMania moment” of their own.  2,080 more words