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This is my patio, but today I had a visitor! My dog walker has these little jobs within our complex walking the residents canines!

This one is an English bull terrier, she strong, beautiful and stubborn! 32 more words

Zach The Shih Tzu


Left at home to watch a live feed of Frankie’s graduation
I see my Mama and Papa Frankie received a medal fro Brother Leto

I barked so loud did a victory dance ! 146 more words

Zach The Shih Tzu


This cake at home they are calling it the Chocolate Wall of Iona, it is for my Human brother Frankie, it’s an inauguration of his hard work and success in completion of his Lower School at Iona Preparatory School! 113 more words

Zach The Shih Tzu

Good Morning

Ever morning I jump on papa lap and he says:

Good morning, so good to see you, how you’re feeling ? Good? You look good! Then he rubs my ears and I wiggle my tail and it is just great! 89 more words

Zach The Shih Tzu

Wheelchair Ride

I’m ready to go for a ride!

My Mama lend her wheelchair to Carol Maddie’s Mama… she was hurt by a bad doggie.

Maddie is determined to push me and get a ride along! 53 more words

Zach The Shih Tzu