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Kingdom Quest Movement Interviews American Christian Hip-Hop Rapper: Zach Smith (Smithers). Speaks on Racism and New Album

In 1995, 14th december specifically, Zachary Smith was born in Columbus, Ohio. At a young age, his family moved to Springfield, Ohio, where he was raised. 1,700 more words


Shit Balls and Sharpie

I left work early today after a phone call from my doctor. I made some calls myself to a few people. As per usual, Zach came in clutch. 154 more words


Zach's Post #5 Micro-credits, Nigeria, M-PESA

There are Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs), these institutions are small full of small accounts for saving or micro-credits. Micro-credits are very small loans to people in poverty that do not have collateral or a verifiable credit history. 629 more words


The Next Phase

Introversion has caused me to overthink and analyze extroverted games. I heard so many of peoples words and it was a mentality that I wanted to contradict but the way they were communicating didn’t allow me with easy access on the conversation. 350 more words



As I introspect on the things around me the story seems dulled but the mystique and hope that potential shone me a new path way. I’m in the search of new adventures and a different pace. 42 more words


HBO's 'Silicon Valley' is coming back April 23 — here's the trailer

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

HBO’s Silicon Valley is returning to TV on April 23, according to a new teaser trailer that was just published by HBO.  85 more words


Finding Meaning

Good intentions like you don’t hurt with just you. I know the spirit real and I know her proud. Reflections, superficial and dull. Change sooner to the sudden. 373 more words