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The Start of the Sword Game

This first week, the team came together without a hitch and immediately warmed to the idea of creating a 2D side scrolling castlevania-style game. However, this game will put a twist on the traditional archetype of playing as a hero vanquishing monsters to attain untold treasures. 382 more words

Proposed Journal Article to Review

Journal of Mathematics

Pythagorean Triples With Common Sides



This article uses mathematical formulas to show that since we know that there are a finite amount of pythagorean triples that share a common leg, given that leg we can find all other pythagorean triples that share that leg. 73 more words

The Boys and the Leaves

I’ve always wanted to have a photo of my kids in the leaves. But because I’ve lived in younger areas for most of the time I’ve been a mother, I haven’t had that chance. 164 more words


Footage of Bill Pickett in "The Bulldogger" (1921)

Willie M. “Bill” Pickett

December 5, 1870 – April 2, 1932

In 1905, Pickett joined the 101 Ranch Wild West Show that featured the likes of… 123 more words

African American Inventors

I've Seen Jaws: The Revenge. It Was Personal, and Discussed on the "Fanchise Fatigue" Podcast!

For once, I haven’t written a lengthy review on Letterboxd before writing one here. I meant to write this before now, but hey life gets in the way and it’s not like either of us are making money with this blog. 1,019 more words


Profile: Boston's Seedy Sludgers Leather Lung

To be clear, Leather Lung themselves are not seedy. However, their take on southern, whiskey soaked sludge meets the swing of delta blues is. Their upcoming album Lonesome, On’ry and Evil, tip of the hat to Waylon in case you missed it, is the band’s third effort and over the course of their last two they projectile vomited weed filled jams and caustic sludge that would make both Bongzilla and Eyehategod proud. 1,233 more words


I Finally Saw Jaws 3-D and Here's the Review

Here’s the next entry in my journey of watching the Jaws sequels after a lifetime of not watching the Jaws sequels. To emphasize the point, I was asked by my friends on the… 653 more words