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What Can Unplugging Your Cell Phone Do For You?

It’s true. I decided to not use my cell phone for 24 hours, and I lived to tell my story. A generation ago, this statement would be ridiculous. 741 more words


i <3 zack morris

One of my earliest TV obsessions that I deemed worthy of countless re-watches (mostly due to incredibly limited channels in my house — my parents upgraded from antenna to satellite dish about ten seconds after I got my driver’s license) was the quintessentially 90s teen comedy  904 more words

Get Your Own Zack Morris or Screech With New Saved by the Bell Pop! Vinyl Figures

Continuing on with their very cool Pop! Vinyl Television line which currently includes the likes of Orange is the new Black, The Walking Dead, The X-Files and the soon-to-be-released Friends line, … 158 more words